2022 BuDhaGirl Team Pumpkin Decorating contest banner with orange and white pumpkins | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl

Happy Halloween BuDha-Gouhls

BuDhaGirl kicked off our annual Halloween Pumpkin decorating contest at HQ, and honestly, it was hard to beat the creativity that we displayed last...

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BuDhaGirl Fawn All Weather Bangles, Krishna Bangles in Coral, Veda Bangles in Amethyst, Jade 3 Kings All Weather Bangles, Sari Tote, Chocolate 3 Kings All Weather Bangles, Frond All Weather Bangles, Champagne All Weather Bangles | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl

Diwali Gift Guide 2022

Are you ready to celebrate. . . Diwali? BuDhaGirl has hand-selected some of our favorite pieces inspired by each day of festivities. What better wa...

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Woman in green sweater with hands crossed with green mental health awareness ribbon in hand, wearing BuDhaGirl Rose Gold AWB, Aurora Peridot crystal bracelet, Gold Tzubbie bangle bracelet, Pond Bracelet and Peridot Luxe AWB | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl

Mental Health & Spirituality

 I have  written many BuDhaBlogs on the importance of approaching everything we do in a spiritual manner. Everything. I'd like to expand on the sci...

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 Embroidered Saree cloth, multiple colorful patterns|BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl

What is a Sari? 

What is a Sari? Affectionately called the “Nine Yard Wonder,” the Saree (sometimes called Sari) is a traditional garment from the Indian subcontine...

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Model wearing mustard yellow fall dress holding gold platter with Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold All Weather Bangles | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

At BuDhaGirl, we see the Fall Equinox as an opportunity to celebrate your harvest, both your accomplishments and your challenges. Here are 3 ways t...

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BuDhaGirl Chocolate Collection Three Kings All Weather Bangles, Gold platter, Gold Cloche |  Chocolate three kings AWB by BuDhaGirl

The Peace of Chocolate

Often called the food of the Gods, the mental benefits of the color chocolate are vast. The color chocolate has a direct effect on our mental agility.

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