A Morning Meditation

A beginning to our day. Gently and gradually over the course of five minutes, Dr. Rosita Rivas will lead you to garner your strengths and experience joy in the present moment. This feeling of well-being will linger throughout your day.

A Working Meditation

Dr. Rosita Rivas highlights the importance of centering your mind by willingly and consciously deciding to make your selected tasks for the day a reality. The simple affirmations of "I can do this. I will do this."

An Energy Lift

This is Dr. Rosita Rivas' answer to the quick jaunt to the coffee house. No need for caffeine: let this meditation infuse your body with energy. It is within you to light the spark.

A Stress Healing Meditation

Recognizing that adversity is part of life and that it is within us to overcome it is a key teaching in Dr. Rosita Rivas' courses. You already have the solution; you just need to understand it.

A Back Home Meditation

Close the door behind you. Sit for just a moment, smile inwardly and let Dr. Rosita Rivas guide you through a few moments of relaxation to welcome yourself home. Rest briefly. Reflect on what you have and not what is missing.

A Night Time Meditation

Finally, the end of another day. You are checking your last bits of email, making your plans for tomorrow. Take a moment to join Dr. Rosita Rivas and let her guide you to a wonderful place where thankfulness is your mantra to a restful night.