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We offer three sizes for adults and three sizes for children. To find your best size, measure the diameter of the widest part of your hand, not your wrist.

If you are in between sizes, size down if you want a tighter fit on your wrist, or size up if you want a looser fit on your wrist.

The inner circumference of each adult bangle are:
Small – 7 inches / 17.78 cms
Medium – 7.5 inches / 19.05 cms
Large – 8 inches / 20.32 cms
Extra Large (Only available in Gold, Silver and Champagne) – 8.5 inches / 21.59 cms

Measurements of child sizes are:
Small (ages 1-4) – 4.5cm
Medium (ages 3-7) – 5cm
Large (ages 6-10) – 5.5cm
Gold, Silver and Rose Gold All Weather Bangles® are sold in sets of 9.
Pink, Meteorite, and Champagne All Weather Bangles® are sold in a set of 6.
Moon and Fawn All Weather Bangles® are sold in a set of 4.
Crimson and Three Kings All Weather Bangles® are sold in sets of 3.

We do not sell divided or mixed sets.
All Weather Bangles are handcrafted in Thailand using flexible, medical grade tubing and silver or gold leaf. They are completely non-toxic and free of mechanical hazards.
They are not stretchy, but they are flexible.

The All Weather Bangles® are each made by hand in Thailand. A single set might contain work produced from three different dates.

The process in which they are made has a lot of variables. For instance, if the humidity is higher in Thailand one day then it ends up affecting the color of the bangle long term.

Therefore, it is normal for some of the beads to have green tint. The variation in color honestly speaks to the authentic hand-made quality of our products.

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