Jessica Jesse Jessica Jesse
CEO, Founder & Creative Director
Jessica Jesse has resisted being called a renaissance woman, but that is what she is. Jessica, through BuDhaGirl, is affecting cultural change by showing others how to turn routines into rituals, thus making Mindful Glamour™, the new paradigm for living mindfully. She is a world traveler, a dedicated mom of two, a beloved wife, a sincere mindfulness advocate, an amazing cook, an artist, a jewelry and art collector, a designer, a true entertainer, a creator, and more importantly a visionary for a new way of living. She pursues her passions and projects wholeheartedly. Jessica embodies every aspect of a true BuDhaGirl.
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Bill Jesse Bill Jesse

In 1986, Bill founded San Francisco-based H.W.Jesse&Co, later known as Jesse.Hansen&Co., a consumer focused investment and advisory firm where he served as Chairman & CEO until 1998 and then as Chairman until 2004.
Bill has served on over 20 boards during his career as an investor and advisor and currently serves on the boards of Armor Express, Swensons Drive-In Restaurants and BuDhaGirl. Notable investments include Peet’s Coffee & Tea (1996-2008), where he served as an investor, board member and Chairman, and The Wine Group (TWG), where Bill served as a board member since the company’s inception in 1981, including service as its Chairman (2012-2015). Bill has helped guide the success of numerous other consumer companies and has served on the boards of Specialized Bicycle, Aidells Sausage, Smith Sport Optics, Western Athletic Clubs, Stanislaus Foods and WIRED.

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Todd Eckardt Todd Eckardt
Chief Finance Officer

Todd Eckardt has been helping BuDhaGirl for six years and was made the CFO in October 2020.
A bit more about Todd...when not at the office, Todd is probably found on his bike, road-gravel or mountain biking.

Irma Peralta Irma Peralta
Fulfillment Manager

As Fulfillment Manager, Irma makes sure all our orders reach our clients in a beautiful and timely manner. She makes sure each package is lovingly assembled making sure that all our good energy and gratitude arrive as well.
A bit more about Irma...she is super shy, a fabulous artist and jewelry maker, loves spicy (and I mean spicy) food, and she is a great mom.

Her super power: Efficiency.

Sydney Schweizer Sydney Schweizer
Assistant Creative Director

Sydney is responsible for planning and developing BuDhaGirl’s email marketing campaigns. She also manages the company’s team of Influencer partners and coordinates influencer campaigns.
A little more about Sydney...she has a passion for fashion, loves traveling to California with her family, has the biggest sweet tooth, and is obsessed with her dog, Mable.

Her super power: Dedication.

Idrees Rasheed Idrees Rasheed
Director of Business Analytics and IT Development

Idrees handles our SEO, IT, website functionality, and anything that needs some tech magic. Always ready to assist when logins aren't working, emails aren't sending and coupons aren't working.
A little more about Idrees...he loves gaming, music, drumming, road trips on motorcycles, and is done with his masters at UTD in Business Analytics.

His super power: Being persistent.

Fred Fred
The BuDhaKitty

Fred also known as BuDhaKitty is a magical little (he’s tiny) cat. Arriving at Jessica’s house by laying on a reclining statue of the Buddha that is found in the backyard, Fred just appeared…and never left. Technically he is a feral cat, although he has been caught and released…notice the clipped ear.
More about Fred: He is Jessica’s love, pain nubbin, nush nush, & buddy. Lowers Jessica’s anxiety instantly. Teaches all who see Fred the magic of simply living in the now. Fred loves to eat…and loves to be sung to (unfortunately by Jessica). Is slowly trying to stake a place indoors.

His super power: Being