Meet amazing BuDhaGirls doing amazing things.

Helping others, showing compassion, exhibiting kindness, breaking the status quo, rocking their world…and always making it a better world.

From entrepreneurs to front line workers, yoginis, foodies, mom’s, teachers all of them have incredible stories.

We are so happy to share these stories with you.

Alysia Mendoza, Owner of The Wellness Village Inc. | BuDhaHomage by BuDhaGirl

Alysia Mendoza

My education and experience taught me that no matter where a person is on their journey, meet them there. Regardless where you are, transformation ...

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Amy Holiber, National Program Director of Lipstick Angels | BuDhaHomage by BuDhaGirl

Amy Holiber

Lipstick Angels uses the power of beauty to transform and heal, similarly to how BuDhaGirl uses mindfulness to bring moments of reflection into dai...

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Shea Politte, Founder & President at The FOUND Mission | BuDhaHomage by BuDhaGirl

Shea Politte

My heart said out loud: “Put me down for the next seven years.”After eight years of serving inside schools, I realized how powerful it can be to pr...

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Pamela Bingham, COTA (Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant) | BuDhaHomage by BuDhaGirl

Pamela Bingham

"I believe ritual is important because...It can be things that center us that make our life daily life meaningful."

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