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Article: The Artisans Behind All Weather Bangles®

Village of Women and Men in Thailand | BuDhaGirl

The Artisans Behind All Weather Bangles®



This past March we traveled to Thailand so that we could document the marvelous work performed by our artisans that create our All Weather Bangles®. It has been a decade since our work began, and we are proud to say that we have kept our same production team, and proud that it has grown with us. 

Clearly women are the beneficiaries of our presence in rural Thailand, and we are the catalyst for them being able to stay home and work in their community. We are proud to foster their values of tending to their land, engaging with their neighbors, and mentoring the new generation of artisans. 

We are happy that now you too can observe the uniqueness of each bangle. Each bangle has a spirit behind it; it has been crafted by over 20 artisans and it is a labor of love and pride.  

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