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Article: 5 Everyday Jewelry Pieces for Effortless Style

women wearing gold all weather bangles and solange bracelet.

5 Everyday Jewelry Pieces for Effortless Style

As a jewelry lover, you know firsthand how much the pieces you choose to accessorize with can affect your finished look. The right jewelry can make you look red-carpet ready or simply just the right amount of put together, depending on the occasion. Wearing stunning jewelry pieces is one of the quickest ways to boost your confidence and feel authentically you in any outfit.

Our team at BuDhaGirl is well acquainted with the connections between fine jewelry and mind, body, and soul. Cultures around the world have recognized the vital link between gemstones and spirituality, and we encourage our community to find that link for themselves. It all starts by building up your everyday jewelry collection with exquisite staple pieces that speak to you. 

Our 5 Favorite Choices for Everyday Jewelry

When it comes to daily jewelry, timeless is the name of the game. Your best everyday jewelry should be well-made and beautiful but neutral pieces appropriate in a variety of settings. Let’s take a look at BuDhaGirl’s five favorite options for jewelry you can wear all the time.  

Multicolored luxury bracelet stacks paired with multicolored beaded bracelets.

Bracelet Stacks

If you truly believe that variety is the spice of life, you probably already wear a bracelet stack each and every day. Bracelet stacks are a great way to customize your accessories depending on your outfit while still keeping your jewelry distinct. 

With BuDhaGirl, designing your bracelet stack has never been so inspiring. Taking a peek at our Stack of the Week and gaining inspiration from the cultural moments that inspire our team is a great way to get started.

Luxury Jewellery and Rings|BuDhaGirl

Gemstone Rings

Adding a few gemstone rings to your rotation is a great way to add a small but mighty pop of color to your outfit. BuDhaGirl gemstone rings are the perfect example of everyday gold jewelry that is just as comfortable as it is elegant, creating an overall effortless effect. 

Are you unsure which color to choose for your next gemstone ring to wear every day? Look at our Nebula Ring, available in multiple colors and shapes for ultimate customization. 

Women holding flowers while wearing Three Queens All Weather Bangles and Gold all weather bangles.

All Weather Bangles

When building your jewelry collection for everyday wear, it’s important to include pieces that are truly made for every day — no matter what the weather might be. Our team at BuDhaGirl designed our All Weather Bangles to be waterproof, soundless, and weightless. Doing so means you can wear your life-proof bangles with pride, knowing that they won’t tarnish or become damaged no matter what your day brings. 

BuDhaGirl offers All Weather Bangles in multiple colors to suit every style. Are you looking for a bangle stack that is elegant and chic yet totally timeless? Consider packing your stack with gold, silver, or rose gold. 

BuDhaGirls All weather bracelets with birthstones.

Birthstone Bracelets

Displaying your birthstone in your everyday jewelry makes it easy to express yourself in a subtle yet glamorous way. Whatever birthstone yours might be, wear it with pride, knowing that this colorful gem represents you inside and out. 

With our vast collection of bracelets at BuDhaGirl, you can wear your birthstone in multiple ways. Our Calista Cuff can be customized to feature any birthstone, and the gold-dipped ellipse will last through many years of wear. Many of our All Weather Bangles also feature birthstones. 

Minimalist Earrings

While donning some show-stopping earrings can be fun occasionally, you’ll probably want your everyday earrings to have more minimalist sensibilities. Wearing a more understated earring is also an excellent way to make other jewelry pieces pop.

Some classic examples of minimalist earrings include small gold or silver hoops, pearl or diamond studs, or a small dangly earring featuring any of your favorite gemstones. 

Women wearing Gold All Weather Bangles with the Gold Shanti Bracelet

Styling Tips for Your Everyday Look

Your everyday jewelry should be handcrafted luxurious pieces that make you feel chic. However, learning how to style these pieces to celebrate their essence and make your look complete can be a challenge. 

The first thing to keep in mind with every jewelry piece is not to be afraid to layer. Just because your daily pieces are more minimalist than some of your statement pieces doesn’t mean you only have to wear one or two at a time. Try stacking a few of your favorite rings for everyday wear to combine a few gemstones for a truly posh look. 

You can follow the same pattern with our All Weather Bangles and other stackable bracelets, which are designed to be combined in numerous ways. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, either, as that’s the best way to figure out the combinations you like best.

Shop Everyday Jewelry With BuDhaGirl

Finding jewelry pieces you connect with is one of the best forms of self-discovery. Be inspired by BuDhaGirl’s vast collection of everything from everyday accessories to glamorous statement pieces. From there, put your divine spin on it to make it your signature style.

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