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Article: The Cycle

Orange Sunset Over the Ocean | The Cycle | BuDhaBrief by Jessica Jesse | BuDhaGirl

The Cycle

Life is a cycle and cycles are perceived as circles. They have a beginning, and an end, and a continuum. Science tells us that energy is never destroyed, it simply changes form and continues on its journey.

I spend a great deal of time thinking about circles, and needless to say some of the primary circles I think about are All Weather Bangles®. These humble little circles made of medical grade tubing have changed lives — yes, we all love them because they totally rock and look great, but these little circles have soul.

I’m always trying to get their (AWB®) story out there. If people only realized how much goes into each and every little circle, we could spread our message of ritual and intention even further. Because our bangles are not mundane objects, by our ritual of setting intentions with them, we transform these little circles into important, sacred objects. For there is nothing more powerful than thought, and energy follows thought... listen to Willie.

In my contemplation of circles, I find myself thinking about years, which also happen to be cycles and are represented as circles. After all, we can imagine a year as a circle of time around the circle of the sun and also accompanied by the circle of the moon. Beginnings and endings, change and growth, life and death, sadness and joy, scarcity and wealth...all cyclical, all circles.

In 2024, I hope you find a few quiet moments to mindfully reflect upon the cycles and circles in your life. How they have shaped who you are, and how they will affect your intentions; intention creates the energy needed to manifest action, and that action becomes an outcome.

May you always linger in health, wealth, joy, compassion, kindness, love, and gratitude.


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