Nurturing our spirit is as important as taking care of our bodies. Today, more than ever, we are faced with unparalleled challenges and it is up to use to take care of our inner-self through the rituals of prayer, meditation, & contemplation.

The BuDhaGirl Altar is your personal sacred area, space, or sphere. Completely portable, it has all the essentials for creating moments of true devotion and introspection.

Delight in beautiful daily rituals created with many Altar treasures based in nature using the four elements: Air, Water, Fire, Earth.

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BuDhaGirl ALTAR™

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There is a bit of a story to this product and I feel compelled to share it with you because it will affect your decision of whether to own your very own BuDhaGirl ALTAR.

For a number of years now, I have felt that BuDhaGirl is more than jewelry...I just couldn't wrap my head around as to what products I would like to create that could make a difference in people's lives. Little by little ideas did coalesce, and in February of 2020, during a design meeting with my design collaborator, Sandra Gutierrez, we came up with the BuDhaGirl ALTAR.

We instinctively knew that a personal Altar would be so great. A compact scroll-type Altar that when opened, held many special items to helps us meditate, pray, be still, reflect, and create a ritual for ourselves, unique to each person. The one question Sandra and I kept asking ourselves, are people ready to create ritual? Now, more than ever, as our global reality has changed there is no better time for the BuDhaGirl Altar™.

Our BuDhaGirl ALTAR is based on the four elements and borrows rituals from many ancient cultures and traditions.

To learn more about the treasures and specific rituals, please scroll down on this page.

*Gold Leather is ethically produced at the LEFRAC tanner. Click here to view awards.

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BuDhaGirl ALTAR™


Now that you have chosen to begin your BuDHaGirl ALTAR™ ritual, find a peaceful space and allow yourself time to unwind, re-focus, and find inner peace. Begin by unrolling your leather mantle and carefully unwrapping your Altar treasures found in the silk layer. Take a moment to place each Altar treasure on your mantle and silk layer.

Light your candle and the Palo Santo wood, allow yourself to be surrounded by light, feel the warmth of the flame, and deeply inhale the Palo Santo scent. Connect your physical body with your mind and allow your spirit to feel infinite love that expands through your being.

Close your eyes and focus on each one of your Altar treasures...Breathe...Connect the quartz with the earth, with being here and in the now. Hold the beautiful natural bird feather and marvel at the mysteries of the universe, connect with the air. Think about the shell and sense the infinite source of water that flows in you and gives you the skill of being flexible and resilient. Repeat << Like an ever-flowing...This too shall pass>>. Observe the golden feather and visualize an eagle, the wind and the freedom and the feeling of love that keeps growing in your heart and remember <<love is freedom >>. Finally hold the BDG Reminder and feel that once again bright light surrounds you, acknowleding that we are connected to the universe: You are not alone...breather...feel...linger in gratitude.

Hold your Mala Prayer beads and decide to repeat your mantra as few as three times, or even better, the complete 108 mantra repetitions. Your mantra is yours and it can change from day to day. Make it simple. Something like: May I be happy, at peace and live in gratitude.

When you feel ready, open your eyes and don't forget to blow out the candle, knowing that even though the candle light is out, the light that now resides in your heart will remain.

With love...




BuDhaGirl ALTAR's components are based on the four elements: air, earth, fire and water. All of our organic ALTAR treasures are ethically sourced. Even our leather mantle comes from a Platinum Award tannery in Mexico, passing the strictest environmental guidelines.


Preparing your area for ritual begins with the gold leather mantle which helps to cosset the many Altar treasures. The BuDhaGirl Altar's portability makes it easy to create the perfect place in both your home or when you travel. 


Our silk scarf protects the outer leather mantle. Every scarf one-of-a-kind, so the unique pattern on the scarf is a point of serendipity for the user. It also represents beauty, elegance, and grace.


Mala Prayer Bead Necklace is our interpretation of the hundu meditation garland.and contains 108 wood beads. Repeat your own personal  mantra for each bead (108 times), which is a universal sacred number.


A Tea Light Candle to light at the beginning of your ritual. (The beginning) Light the candle to start the ritual. The purpose is to call upon the light to clear your mind and be conscious. Breathe, observe the fire, and open the mind to connect with each one of the following elements.


Quartz, to garner your energy and connect to our world. (Earth.) Set your feet on the ground and connect to the earth elements, the purpose is to be present (here and now).


A Shell, to remind us of nature and our origins. (Water) Place your hands beneath your belly button and sense the water that flows like a river. This represents the flexibility and the capacity to adapt (resilience): "This too shall pass." The spiral, a perfect geometric symbol that represents the infinite way of rebirth in the cosmos.


The Golden Feather, we call it the "Dumbo" feather. The "you can do it" reminder. (Heart) Focus on your chest to feel the inner strength and healing that comes from the heart. When expanding your light, just remember that love is freedom.


A Palo Santo stick for cleansing the area around you and your personal aura. (Ether) Once you light the Palo Santo you start connecting the past elements through your throat and neck breathing. The purpose is to communicate in a virtuous and an assertive form. It's the moment to think in the way you speak and be grateful verbally. The Palo Santo will cleanse the surrounding energy and balance it.


A bird's feather to clear the air around you. In this reflection close your eyes and feel the air, the freedom, the wisdom though the eyes of an eagle and how they glide in the wind.


A BuDhaGirl Reminder®, a small resin tablet for you to focus on when meditating. You can hold it in your hand as you feel the infinite connection in the cosmos with all living things - we are not alone.


A pink or two of salt for setting a boundary,  or to alter your throat's PH balance*** This will help to cleanse and balance your personal energy (positive and negative). This is the end of the ritual; close your eyes, take a big breath, blow out the candle (make sure that it's not led) and be THANKFUL.


Your packaged Altar will have a ritual guide, beautifully tied with our pink silk ribbon, containing product information and the story behind the BDG Altar™. 

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We hope that this BuDhaGirl Altar brings you great joy and moments of calm, serenity and introspection.

Many times we can't explain why things happen, it has been this way since time began. What has helped in the progress of human culture and civilization are rituals based in wisdom and compassion. Rituals that heal and build, rituals based in kindness and gratitude.

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you live in grace.
May you live in peace.

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