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Terma: The Hidden Treasure 

BuDhaPaper by BuDhaGirl, BuDhaPaper Block Notepad, BuDhaPaper Pagoda Blank Notecard Set with Stickers and Envelopes, woman wearing BuDhaGirl 3 Kings AWB® in Pink, Bianca Beaded Bracelet in Pink, BuDhaGirl Etoile Bangle Bracelet in Light Pink  | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl

BuDhaPaper by BuDhaGirl: Pagoda Block Notepad and Pagoda Blank Notecard Set with Envelopes and Stickers.

In the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, Terma (hidden treasure) is a central idea composed of two main classifications: Earth Terma, referring to teachings hidden in nature: in lakes, mountains, trees, wind, plants, the sky, really everything in nature. And Mind Terma the teachings hidden within a person’s mind. A knowledge that is inherent, intuitive, and gives us many traits that make us who we are, makes us unique.

Writing is a wonderful way to untangle our inner wisdom and to bring out our Mind Terma. The hidden treasure that is waiting to surface if we would only give it a chance. Perhaps that’s why now, more than ever, journaling has become a pastime that more and more are embracing, as it helps us by asking us to pause, focus, let our thoughts and feelings flow so that we may reflect upon them, and perhaps even have the courage to share them.

Can you only imagine if Socrates, Voltaire, Tolstoy, Fitzgerald, or Rowling had not penned their observations, philosophy, stories, and sagas? Can you ever imagine a world without Shakespeare, or Angelou, or Gabaldon, or Clancy, King, or Churchill? No…the world would not be as rich in wonder and knowledge—a world without Harry Potter; impossible.

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BuDhaPaper by BuDhaGirl: Magnetic Notepad Set of 3

So now BuDhaGirls it is time you tell your story. BuDhaPaper is here to help you write down your thoughts about life today, about your childhood, perhaps about things in your childhood that made you who you are today. Your dreams, where are you going and who is coming along? Maybe you need to release that knot of pain that you’ve carried for way too long, write it down, let it go…it doesn’t define you. Trying to conquer the world, okay, strategize by creating your game plan and each of your next moves so this plan becomes a roadmap leading to your desired outcome.

The greatest treasure you have is your mind. Guard it, nurture it, feed it beauty, make it strong, make it flexible and resilient, and allow it to grow, discover experience…take it on an adventure. Allow faith to be your companion. Optimism to be your wingman. Then, share your hidden treasure with the world. We are waiting.

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