Do The Math

by Jessica Jesse

I can’t believe it has taken me nine years to address the question of value…material value.

Do The Math - Main Banner Image | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl can’t believe it has taken me nine years to address the question of value…material value. The reason I am incredulous about not writing about this before, is because we have often been asked why are BuDhagirl bangles so expensive or why our products cost what they cost.

When I am one on one with someone and am finished describing what goes into each one of our products, and why they carry the value they do…often, people say: “I can’t believe, they only cost this much.”

So let me just elaborate about our iconic product: All Weather Bangles. What if I told you that over 20 artisans in Thailand touch each and every bangle? Yes, that’s right 20.

We begin the process by using the highest quality medical grade tubing (not the c---p used in fake jelly, gelly, or even worse the über fake “buddha bangles”).
This tube is cut to precision to insure proper sizing (1-2). Next, we purchase certified gold, silver, copper leaf foils that are passed through the tubing multiple times to insure beautiful coloration.
The foiling process is tedious and takes several days for each bangle (3-5). The tube is then fitted with our custom brass Serenity Prayer™ bead, the tube is re-cut for a perfect bonding fit (5-6).
The bangles are then washed (7-8). The bangles are wiped clean (9-10). They are then quality controlled (11-13). Next, they are bundled in quantities of their respective set size (14-16). Then shipped with oil blotting paper (18-19).
And then there is the actual shipping (20+).

But wait, I am still not telling you what happens when they arrive in the US. The bangles arrive at BuDhaGirl HQ, not some distribution center or 3PL. I personally can go check on our bangles anytime. Here, they are unpacked, carefully counted, and put in their holding crates. Next, we unsheathe each large stack of bangles, we wipe them again, we cut ribbon to precise lengths, add our All Weather Bangle Ritual card and tie our beautiful bows. Not done yet. 

When you order, the now individual bangle set is picked. Meticulously packed in our luxe packaging and sent to you with great care. All this happens in our headquarters, again, meaning that I can see every shipment that goes out.

Okay…so let’s talk about value. Our largest set is a set of nine bangles for $125 USD. Anecdotally, we are told that once people receive their bangles, they wear them constantly because they are waterproof, soundless, weightless, TSA proof, and just simply beautiful. Even more importantly, the BuDhaGirls who actually perform the morning and evening AWB ritual understand the powerful concept of setting daily intentions and then ending their day in gratitude.

Okay, okay, so let’s do the math. In one year, if you don’t wear your bangles every day, let’s say you wear them just 200 days…that’s 62 cents per day. Now, if you keep your bangles for 3, 5, 7 years without replacing them: that would be: 20 cents, 12 cents, 8 cents per day. Wow!!!!

With your purchase you are supporting an ethical, family-driven, women-owned business that is in-turn giving jobs and a better livelihood to hundreds of people. With your purchase you are supporting a business that has copyrights. You are supporting a business that annually tests our AWB for toxicity and mechanical hazards to ensure the highest quality. You are supporting a business that gives back to causes from animal rescue to Global Wellness initiatives. You are supporting a team that cares about every order. You know what? I do find enormous value in this; I am very proud of what we do and the value we offer. I hope you do to.

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