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Celebrating Our Perfect Imperfection

by Jessica Jesse

In traditional Japanese aesthetics, wabi-sabi is a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. 

Celebrating our perfect imperfection | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl

In traditional Japanese aesthetics, wabi-sabi is a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of appreciating beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete".

It takes years to fully comprehend and accept the incredible human beings we are. The living, breathing, loving, reproducing, dying, sentient “human” beings that are imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.

The miracle that is daily life passes us like flowing water, never to retrace its course again. How we live this moment, that is only with us once, is an art.

The opportunity to understand who we are, why we think, how we think, and why we act the way we do is one not to be wasted. Today, more than at any other time before in our history, we can combine the ancient wisdom of contemplative practice with the fact-based paradigms of science.

BuDhaGirl was created to bring moments of reflection into daily life. Taking the very basic concepts behind contemplative practice such as pausing, focusing on our breath, clearing our mind for brief moments, asserting our intentions, all the steps that lead us to daily calm, joy, and a better understanding of ourselves. Science now validates the benefits of daily brain “maintenance”, from helping us age better, sleep better, be happier… to relieving anxiety.

BuDhaGirl daily rituals are called “Mindful Glamour”. By taking the joyful process of getting ready for the day, BuDhaGirl’s products guide us to moments of setting daily intentions in the morning, while later reminding us of the importance to end our day with a gratitude ritual.

Setting intentions. What do we want? What do we need? In this journey we may discover the things we really, truly need and perhaps also what we don’t need. Both spaces are important. Both spaces sacred.

Gratitude. Is there anything more powerful?

Our journey is sacred. Each of us has a destination. How we travel through this life is a choice. We must practice loving kindness towards ourselves and towards others.
Nearly a decade has passed since BuDhaGirl began. Every day has been a mission to bring people joy. Our products have become favorites from fashionistas to yoginis. We are seen in the Artic and in Rio de Janeiro. In metropolitan cities to pastoral farms. Wet or dry. Travel perfect. Loved by women from birth to 95 and counting. We are all BuDhaGirls.

When designing the Serenity Prayer bead, I thought about life. I thought about life being series of stages and how the road to each of these stages is never a direct line, it is a zigzag. Then I thought of how in each of these stages we must be focused on that particular moment, living fully, very present, in the “now”. The tiny dot, in the middle of each zigzag is a representation of a Bindi, of the now. The Bindi represents the sixth chakra, the seat of "concealed wisdom". The Bindi is said to retain energy and strengthen concentration…focus.

Our products are crafted. Crafted individually and by hand. There is a person, a wonderful human being behind each step of each bangle. By its very definition this handcraftsmanship suggests individuality in each bangle… an element of imperfection, it is authentic and has a soul of its own. Just one of our AWB® is touched by over 20 artisans before it arrives in the US. Imagine now what one bangle is worth. It is not only a beautiful, modern bangle bracelet that is life perfect and is waterproof, soundless, weightless, and TSA proof but it is a testament to people’s hard work.

For over ten years now, we have remained true to our original craftsmen. We began with an idea which they needed to have faith in us so they could produce our products. We went through slow beginnings and they stayed with us. We thought of how to improve processes and they were creative and collaborative. We survived 2020 together. Now, with AWB® becoming a global favorite, our artisans are thriving.

Turning routines into rituals, our tag line for Mindful Glamour® holds more truth now than ever before. People are seeking to bring meaning to their life and lifestyle. Objects purchased to become part of their surroundings and attire must have context, a why. Convenience at the expense of experience is becoming less of a choice. 

The BuDhaGirl story continues. The mystery of daily life is celebrated with joy, focus and intention. In our modern world so many things can now be explained yet let us remember that once man navigated by the stars. Navigated by observation using nature as its guide. And, through deep faith that he/she would persevere and find a new world, new adventures and that tomorrow held promises and treasures yet to be discovered.
Let’s journey together…may we too be guided once again by the stars.

BuDhaGirl is Mindful Glamour.

The Serenity Prayer bead on our All Weather Bangles® is exclusive to BuDhaGirl and it is a registered trademark.

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