Science is a systematic enterprise that organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations. Science is now corroborating the principles found in ancient contemplative practices. The Buddha and other teachers, and philosophers, before and after him have taught that the human mind is powerful and how we use it and for what we use it defines who we are.

The modern branches of science studying brain health today have taken a recent quantum leap in the understanding of how the brain works. Dedicated scientists studying the brain have used new imaging techniques to map the brain and to see connections formed by our thoughts and actions. These connections are stronger and more lasting when the brain is healthy.

The 20th century generated the greatest growth in scientific knowledge in the entire course of human history, and also witnessed man’s greatest inhumanity to man. Modern society became more knowledgeable and powerful but it did not grow wiser or more compassionate.

In this our 21st century, we must change that.

The science that once turned its back on centuries of observation and contemplation is now concretely testing why these ancient contemplative practices work. Just in the last few years brain imaging has revolutionized what we can prove to be facts about brain function, plasticity, recovery, and maintenance.

What once was a thing of labs and research is reaching the mainstream public. It is crazy to think that we know much about our hearts, livers, stomachs, etc… and we do things to keep these organs in good working condition.

Yet, most of us do nothing for our brain. This is about to change.

Do the US Marines know something we should know? Yes. Meditation.

No crossed legs, no incense, no gently bubbling fountain. Concrete exercises to quiet the mind in order to make decisions that in the Marines’ case may be the difference between life and death.

BuDhaGirl wants to bring this science to you.

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