• Gifts for Friends

    Gifts for Friends
    We all have friends that we need to give something to, whether it be for their birthday, graduation, a pick-me-up, or simply to say...hey, I really like you in my life.
  • Graduation Gifts

    Graduation Gifts
    So, your daughter, niece, best friend's daughter, your pal, have achieved a new milestone. What would be the perfect gift?
  • Evening Ritual

    Evening Ritual
    It is the end of your day. You are a warrior of light. You made it through. You now need to linger in gratitude. Begin your gratitude ritual by slipping off each of your AWB® and reflect on the gifts you received today.
  • Eid Al-Fitr

    Eid Al-Fitr
    Ramadan! The Holy month of Muslims. The month where one prays and fasts with complete devotion and dedication. Staying hungry till the sun sets gives the stomach a rest and a time to rejuvenate. No sins should be committed during this holy month and giving charity to people in need is considered as one of the greatest deeds. Minor sins like gossiping, jealousy, anger...

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