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BDG Reminders™

A BuDhaGirl BDG Reminders™, a small resin tablet, charm, or add-on for you to focus on when meditating. You can hold it in your hand or wear it with your bracelets as you feel the infinite connection in the cosmos with all living things - we are not alone.

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Ivory Grace Beaded Bracelet with Virgin of Guadalupe | BuDhaGirl
Grace Bracelet Sale price$38.00
White Lock and Key Beaded Clara Bracelet | BuDhaGirl
Clara Bracelet Sale price$46.00
Pearl Mustique Bracelet - Taupe | BuDhaGirl
Mustique Bracelet Sale price$65.00
St. Lucia Crystal Bracelet | Lotus & Watery Beads | BuDhaGirl
St. Lucia Bracelet Sale price$42.00
White-Hued Beaded Bracelet - "Amour" | BuDhaGirl