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A Poem By Jessica Jesse | Bangles and Bracelets For Women | BuDhaGirl

Reflection: A Poem by Jessica Jesse

Through reflection I have found out that I am a fighter, not a quitter, I am strong, persistent, and even though I am vulnerable, I am also resilient. I have reflected on this crazy, marvelous, cha...

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Moon Reflection | Jewelry For Women | Blog by BuDhaGirl

No Greater Reflector Than the Moon

The moon does not have its own light source. Its reflective beauty is nothing more than the sunlight reflected upon its surface with a bit of a little something else called “earthshine.” And this g...

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Gold and Silver Bangles and Bracelets for Women | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

The ability to reflect is the mark of a cultivated mind; however, the ability to self-reflect and to be aware of one’s behavior is the mark of a wise mind. 

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Bangles and Bracelets For Women | Reflection: A Human Quality | BuDhaGirl

Reflection: A Uniquely Human Quality

We have all come across someone who is unable to step back and “reflect” upon themselves, their behavior, and situations in general. When one comes across someone of an unreflective nature, one ten...

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Gold Bangles and Bracelets For Women | BuDhaGirl

The Hidden Treasure

The greatest treasure you have is your mind. Guard it, nurture it, feed it beauty, make it strong, make it flexible and resilient, and allow it to grow, discover experience…take it on an adventure.

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BuDhaGirl custom Pink Balloon arch by Balloons Wow of Dallas | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl

The Most Glamorous Holiday Pop Up... Ever!  

We kicked off the season with bubbles, bangles, and Mindful Glamour® at our Holiday pop-up, a festive 3-day event at our Dallas showroom. The weekend began with an intimate Friday evening of fun wi...

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Woman in plaid holiday dress wearing BuDhaGirl Crimson All Weather Bangles And BuDhaGirl's Aurora Crystal bracelet in Emerald and Ruby | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl

It's beginning to look a lot like Crimson!

BuDhaGirl's All Weather Bangles® in Crimson are BACK and right in time for the Holidays. Not only are they perfect for the holiday season, but it's also a quintessential hue that compliments your w...

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Three women wearing BuDhaGirl's Carousel Pink Collection Nebula Rings, All Weather Bangles® In Carousel Pink, Meghan Bracelet in clear, Meghan bracelet in Pink, Clear Etoile Bracelet, and Dahlia Bracelet in Peony | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl

Paint the Town Carousel Pink

Whether on the fashion or airport runways, pink is the shade of the moment and all things femme. The color is a muse for many...

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2022 BuDhaGirl Team Pumpkin Decorating contest banner with orange and white pumpkins | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl

Happy Halloween BuDha-Gouhls

BuDhaGirl kicked off our annual Halloween Pumpkin decorating contest at HQ, and honestly, it was hard to beat the creativity that we displayed last year, but dare I say it, I think we did! Flowers,...

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Jessica Jesse pictured with Jess Pacheco, Editor- in- Chief of Excelsior Newspaper | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl

Hokol Vuh Goes BuDhaGirl Pink 

Imagine an evening with 18 of the world's greatest chefs taking your palate on a journey through the Yucatan. That sounds like a dream, right?! Except you're not dreaming, you've imagined Hokol Vuh!

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Gold Jumpsuit, Gold flowing dress, Cleopatra wig with golden accents, Gold strappy heels, BudhaGirl Novena Bracelet, Plume AWB, BuDhaGirl Gold AWB bracelets, Valentina Wrap bracelet, Gold tasseled chain belt | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl

4 Fa-boo-lous Halloween Costume Ideas

Are you still looking for a Halloween costume idea? You're in luck; we gathered some legendary characters and added BuDhaGirl glam to their typical outfits giving you the Halloween inspiration you ...

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BuDhaGirl Fawn All Weather Bangles, Krishna Bangles in Coral, Veda Bangles in Amethyst, Jade 3 Kings All Weather Bangles, Sari Tote, Chocolate 3 Kings All Weather Bangles, Frond All Weather Bangles, Champagne All Weather Bangles | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl

Diwali Gift Guide 2022

Are you ready to celebrate. . . Diwali? BuDhaGirl has hand-selected some of our favorite pieces inspired by each day of festivities. What better way to find the way to find the perfect gift for you...

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