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Article: Un pas dynamique au printemps

Spring Summer Bracelets and Bangles For Women | Womens Jewelry | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl
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Un pas dynamique au printemps

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Beautiful Nomad Woman | Bangles and Bracelets For Women | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl

Êtes-vous un nomade naturel?

Il y a deux types de personnes dans le monde, celles qui sont prêtes à partirmoment et ceux qui ne le sont pas. Alors, je pose la question: êtes-vous un nomade naturel? Découvrons-le.

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Turquoise Bangles Bracelets For Women | Turquoise Beaded Bracelet | BuDhaGirl

Vivre par procuration à travers Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson, sans aucun doute l'un de mes réalisateurs préférés de tous les temps. Je pense que ses films sont extrêmement divertissants et purs bonbons pour les yeux (Life Aquatic, Moonrise Kingd...

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A Vibrant Step Into Spring 

Turquoise and Coral crystal beaded bracelets display | BuDhaGirl

Imagine yourself in Palm Beach or Palm Springs, surrounded by white terraces, lounge chairs, sunglasses, tropical drinks with little umbrellas, and suntan lotion.  

Unsurprisingly, our Spring event, celebrating the NEW Turquoise and Coral Remix Collection, captured the essence of all that and more! The vibrant and bold turquoise and citrus-infused corals stood out in an eye-catching display.

Turquoise and Coral crystal beaded bracelets display | BuDhaGirl
Turquoise and Coral crystal beaded bracelets display | BuDhaGirl

The showroom was truly a feast for the eyes, with the bright colors of Turquoise and Coral creating a lively and energetic atmosphere. The open bar served up refreshing cocktails that were the perfect way to cool down and enjoy the event. 

Gold All Weather Bangles by BuDhaGirl
nail technician workin on bangle bracelet hand
Jessica Jesse, Founder of BuDhaGirl having a great time getting a manicure
Gold Bangle Bracelets getting a manicure

The Nail artists at the event took the colors to the next level, creating intricate designs that showcased the stunning beauty of turquoise and coral hues. Guests couldn’t resist showing off their nails and admiring each other’s wristscapes, both adding extra pops of color and playfulness to their spring outfits.

Luxury bangles and crystal beaded bracelets display | BuDhaGirl
Luxury bangles and crystal beaded bracelets display | BuDhaGirl

The bangle bar was truly a sight to behold, an ode to the beauty and magic of colors. Each stunning bangle was carefully crafted to highlight the vibrancy of the colors and make a bold statement of individuality and creativity. It was as if each bangle was a love letter written to capture the hearts of all who laid their eyes upon it.

Jessica Jesse with dog Bangle, BuDhaGirl Founder

Jessica Jesse
CEO of BuDhaGirl

Style of Sam, BuDhaGirl Partner

Style of Sam
DFW Lifestyle Influencer

Leisurely Leah, Parter of BuDhaGirl

 Leisurely Leah
DFW Travel Blogger

Shannon Jo, DFW News Anchor at BuDhaGirl

Shannon Jo
DFW Journalist

Karis Renee, DFW Lifestyle Influencer at BuDhaGirl

Karis Renee
DFW Lifestyle Influencer

The photo booth was another opportunity for guests and Dallas/Fort Worth influencers to strike playful poses with our groovy backdrop, which captured the essence of the event and the vision behind the Turquoise and Coral Remix Collection. The lively atmosphere left guests feeling energized and inspired. 

The BuDhaGirl Spring Event was a true celebration of the tantalizing turquoise and citrus-infused corals that make up the brand-new Turquoise and Coral Remix collection. With stunning jewelry, talented nail artists, refreshing cocktails, and a lively atmosphere, it was an unforgettable evening of color and creativity. 

To learn more about upcoming events, make sure you are following us on Eventbrite.

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