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Article: Hokol Vuh va BuDhaGirl Rose

Jessica Jesse pictured with Jess Pacheco, Editor- in- Chief of Excelsior Newspaper | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl
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Hokol Vuh va BuDhaGirl Rose

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Gold Jumpsuit, Gold flowing dress, Cleopatra wig with golden accents, Gold strappy heels, BudhaGirl Novena Bracelet, Plume AWB, BuDhaGirl Gold AWB bracelets, Valentina Wrap bracelet, Gold tasseled chain belt | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl
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Hokol Vuh Goes BuDhaGirl Pink 

Jessica Jesse pictured with Jess Pacheco, Editor- in- Chief of Excelsior Newspaper | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl

BuDhaGirl Founder Jessica Jesse pictured with Jess Pacheco, Editor-in-Chief of Excelsior Newspaper.

Imagine an evening with 18 of the world's greatest chefs taking your palate on a journey through the Yucatan.
That sounds like a dream, right?! Except you're not dreaming, you've imagined Hokol Vuh, a culinary festival that celebrates the heritage of the Yucatan. Father of New Yucatan Cuisine and Hokol Vuh founder, Chef Roberto Solis, expanded his passion for the gastronomies of Mayan culture by curating an exclusive dining experience that only happens every two years. 

The featured chefs for Hokol Vuh 2022 included Antonia Klugmann, Carlos Guytan, Edgar Nunez, Francisco Ruano, Isaac Michale, Javier Rodriguez, Jorge Vallejo, Jose Avillez, Junghyun Park, Martha Ortiz, Natsuko Shoji, Rodolfo Guzman, Santiago Lastra, Sergio Herman, Virgilio Martinez, and Yvan Mucharraz, who traveled from across the globe to Merida to jointly prepare a nine-course meal for exclusive guests. These aren't just any chefs, most are of international acclaim, and are Michelin rated bringing their global expertise to one table.

A Few 2022 Hokol Vuh Chefs

2022 Hokol Vuh chefs wearing custom BuDhaGirl Pink Apron | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl

The event aims to support corn conservation and the families that depend on Milpa corn fields for income. In collaboration with The Hacienda del Mundo Maya Foundation, the event aims to support corn conservation and the families that depend on Milpa corn fields for income. This year's proceeds of Hokul Vuh will benefit 180 families in Merida. In 2019 the proceeds helped purchase 40.7 tons of corn for Yucatan farmers.

Fully immersing themselves in the gastronomies of the Yucatan, chefs arrive in Mexico 5 days before the event to become acquainted with the land and markets beginning to source ingredients for the Hokol Vuh feast. Among the featured elements were: Jicama, Xcatic peppers, tangerine, coconut, and native octopus. 

Chef at Hokol Vuh 2022 Wearing BuDhaGirl Pink Custom Apron 

2022 Hokol Vuh chef wearing a BuDhaGirl Pink custom apron | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl

Chefs worked with host communities, cooked in the homes of natives, and learning traditional Milpa recipes firsthand. The experience brought the chefs closer to the Yucatan by connecting them with the Mayans, who share the common love of food.

The magic happened under the bright stars of the Yucatan at the breath taking Hacienda Akè, seated at the foot of the ancient Mayan Akè Ruins' majestic temple of towers. The nine-course meal is prepared in an open kitchen with two chefs preparing each course for 200 guests. Chefs were gifted custom BuDhaGirl Pink aprons, and our iconic All Weather Bangles® (Veda enamel bangle bracelets in Black & Gold AWB®) served as elegant napkin rings for the luxurious tablescape. 

Hokol Vuh 2022 Table Setting

White dinner napkin with BuDhaGirl Gold All Weather Bangles, BuDhaGirl Veda Enamel bangle bracelets in Black | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl

DJ Tat de' Leon brought a high-energy vibe that kept the crowd engaged as guests enjoyed the ambiance of an open kitchen concept with the Mayan Pyramids as the back drop. Libations from fellow sponsors Casa Dragones and Moet & Chandon flowed throughout the evening. Among the crowd, favorites were the Spring Lobster and the "Love Letter to Yucatan" prepared by Chefs Roberto Solis and Dominique Crenn. 

BuDhaGirl Founder Jessica Jesse & Chef Robert Solis at Hokol Vuh 2022 | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl

BuDhaGirl Founder Jessica Jesse & Chef Robert Solis

 BuDhaGirl is honored to have sponsored Hokul Vuh, bringing a mindful focus to this year's festivities.
Our hearts are filled with gratitude. 

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