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What is a Sari?

Embroidered Saree cloth, multiple colorful patterns|BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl


What is a Sari?  Affectionately called the “Nine Yard Wonder,” the Saree (sometimes called Sari) is a traditional garment from the Indian subcontinent. Ranging in lengths of 3-9 meters unstitched, it is the beautiful yet modest dress of Indian women. Typically styled according to region, there are over 30 varieties and nearly 80 ways of styling a Sari. A powerful garment adorned for centuries; the Saree exudes Indian culture, style, and femininity.

The true wonder lies in the mystery of how the Saree is made and worn. Deeply hued dyes, one-of-a-kind patterns, elegant silks, and Ikat fabrics make the Sari a sight to behold! At first glance, the Sari appears to be sewn in sections, but it is truly one piece of unstitched fabric that can be draped and styled in various ways giving one Sari the look of many.

In India, anchorwomen, politicians, actresses, and teachers are seen wearing traditional Sarees reflecting their historic power and beauty, paying homage to its intricate design. Embroidered with tradition, there’s a Sari for every woman and every occasion.

The Saree is art in movement and has become a symbol of high fashion in America. American women have embraced the Saree and its mark on the runway. The fashion house Dolce & Gabbana made history when model Dipti Sharma graced the catwalk in a Saree, making her the first to wear a Saree on an international runway. Inspired by a recent trip to India, Alexander McQueen featured a Sari in his Fall 2008 collection. They were followed shortly by designers Hermès and Chanel.  

Woman holding BuDhaGirl Sari Tote wearing Plume, Frond, Gold, All Weather Bangles, and BuDhaGirl Minerva Bracelet in Peach Moonstone, Green Onyx, and Red Onyx | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl

Now BuDhaGirl has its take on the traditional garment, paying tribute with the launch of our Sari Tote. Our latest tote is fabulous, sustainable, and made from 100% up-cycled Sari cloth. Outfitted in varying patterns of Indian Sari cloth and stitched using traditional zardozi embroidery, BuDhaGirl’s Sari tote will quickly become a wardrobe staple. No two Sari totes are the same, making this fashionable tote uniquely yours. Whether New Delhi or Dallas, our tote is super practical and easy to take along your daily travels, near and far. The most beautiful part is that for every Sari tote we sell, BudhaGirl will donate $10 to the Cry America Inc., a non profit organization and partner to CRY in India. The organization provides high-engagement philanthropy to development initiatives focused on children's development and rights across India and the USA. CRY has helped over 700,000 children to date focusing on the areas of Education, Health & Nutrition, Safety & Protection, and Child Participation

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