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Les incontournables du voyage

BuDhaGirl's Travel Essentials

Louis vuitton bag filled with gold bangles | BuDhaGirl

Finally, time to travel...and we mean this on all fronts. The world is opening-up again, and it is nearly Summer. A great trip is a well-packed trip, meaning you didn't forget your daily essentials. Yes, we know you can pick stuff-up when you get there, but what a hassle. Less time for the beach, museum, sightseeing, even just resting. Whether you go to The Four Seasons or a great Airbnb spend time doing what you love, not replenishing what you forgot to bring.

Where is your wanderlust destination? The Maldives, Hiking, Iceland? Regardless, we have put together a list of BuDhaGirl's travel essentials for you.

BuDhaGirl Travel Essentials
Louis Vuitton carry-on suitcase | BuDhaGirl


Away: The Carry-On
Louis Vuitton: Horizon 55 (Cabin-friendly)

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