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BuDhaGirl at Ten

BuDhaGirl at Ten | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl

Can you think back upon your first ten years of life? The astounding changes that occurred from being a helpless baby that needed constant care to becoming a speed demon on your bike or perhaps becoming the next atom-splitter in your science class. Regardless, you went through annual cycles, and those cycles included growth and it included celebrations.

In 2023 BuDhaGirl celebrates its ten year anniversary, and boy have we mirrored the path of a human life cycle. The first few years, BuDhaGirl was totally dependent on being fed and nurtured. It had to be fed capital, values, structure, and had to learn to crawl. Then as a toddler it began to stand on its own two feet, it discovered social media and wholesale, thus becoming more ambulatory and experiencing new horizons. Next, it no longer needed to be fed, it could, with direction, feed itself and once more grow and continue its childhood. A child who is curious, a child who at times is temperamental, but a child who was becoming stronger and could form its own opinions.

Today at ten years old, BuDhaGirl is thriving. It has become independent and can more than fulfill its basic needs. It has friends, both internal and external. Our BuDhaGirl team is now 24+ and counting. And, our external reach is now over 120k. It is now comfortable on social platforms, is using video to express ideas, and is being noticed by both the fashion and financial communities, domestically and globally.

BuDhaGirl will now enter its teen years. Our values will be crucial in this stage because we need to maintain focus on who we are, and why we do what we do. It is sometimes tempting to expand too quickly or to leave behind a core principle that perhaps is not popular. But I, as its main caretaker, am fully committed to navigating these next years with patience, direction, kindness, compassion, and great fashion. And I want to bow in deepest gratitude, for the universe giving me this opportunity to be a parent to such a wonderful child…BuDhaGirl.

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