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Article: Introducing the Ritual of Celebration™: BuDhaGirl Sparkling

BuDhaGirl Sparkling Wine

Introducing the Ritual of Celebration™: BuDhaGirl Sparkling

Rituals of ceremony and celebration are the ways to “remember to remember.”  For that is what we are: a collection of memories forged by our experiences in this life.

Jessica holding the New BuDhaGirl Sparkling Wine

There is something magical in living with ritual. Ritual is a vehicle for belonging; it marries the mundane with the sacred. The world vibrates and sparkles when ritual is in our lives. The world is not just a collection of things; it is a connection with who we are and where we came from. 

Waiter pouring the New BuDhaGirl Sparkling Wine

So, why BuDhaGirl Sparkling? Well, because it is a marker of so many things wonderful. From the seed that becomes a vine, and the vine that produces fruit, and then grows old to produce coveted grapes. Then, man’s ingenuity converts nature’s gift of grapes into delectable wines in shades of sunshine, the pink of dawn, and the mystery of the night. And then we go one step further, creating sparkling wine. 

Woman holding the New BuDhaGirl Sparkling Wine

BuDhaGirl Sparkling is a continuation of BuDhaGirl’s roots in ritual. The decision to celebrate is sparked by a feeling almost instantaneously becoming a thought calling us to action. We are moved to commemorate an event, no matter how small, by opening a bottle of drinkable starlight. 

New BuDhaGirl Sparkling Wine next to its packaging.

BuDhaGirl Sparkling introduces the Ritual of Celebration™. In the Ritual of Celebration™, we ask you to ask yourself why. Pause for a moment to think of why you are doing what you are doing.  Why have you chosen BuDhaGirl Sparkling? Is it beautiful? Is it fun? Is it mysterious? Is it delicious? Breathe, take a minute to relax, and recognize our gift of life through breath. Then, bring your senses forward to experience BuDhaGirl Sparkling at its fullest.

Focus first on your eyes; what do you see? Focus then on the feel; is the bottle tingly and cool? (It should be!) Focus on the “POP,” the instant sound of celebration. Focus on the smell, the aromas of nature captured in sparkling wine. Focus lastly on taste…sip. Allow yourself to be happy. Now, your five senses have come together to make the opening of BuDhaGirl Sparkling a ritual of celebration.


Drink responsibly and with intention. Over consuming alcohol is dangerous for you and others.

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