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Sterling Silver Earth Bracelet for Men

Precio de oferta$850.00

Sterling silver men's bracelets inspired by nature. Choose Earth for a grounding, earthy feel.


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Earth Bracelet: Sterling Silver Bracelet Inspired by Nature
Sterling Silver Earth Bracelet for Men Precio de oferta$850.00

Inspired by Nature’s Elemental Forces...

Smooth as silk, strong as steel. Created specifically for the contemporary, fast-paced lifestyle, our Natural Elements sterling silver bracelets are built for ease, durability, and comfort. Each item is lovingly crafted with innovative, in-house stainless steel technology. Forget the muss and fuss of locks and hinges - each bracelet slips on and off like silk but still withstands the rigors of modern life.

Man in Sport Coat Wearing Men's Sterling Silver Bracelets Inspired by Nature | BuDhaGirl
Close Up Detail Shot of Fire Sterling Silver Bracelet for Men | BuDhaGirl

Inspired by the delicate dance of the natural elements, each of our sterling silver bracelets embodies its own philosophy...a mix of traditional Thai artisanship and contemporary design, our sterling silver bracelets are not only visually striking, but rich in cultural significance.

Find your match and let it inspire you.

The Four Elements

Fire and Earth Sterling Silver Bracelets for Men | BuDhaGirl

Luxury that lasts...

Our Natural Elements silver bracelets are personal talismans that connect you to the world's elemental forces. Our unique mechanism has been tested by the Iron and Steel Institute of Thailand for fatigue and durability over 7300 times. Each silver bracelet you buy from our Natural Elements collection is expected to last a decade or longer.

Air and Earth Sterling Silver Bracelets for Men | BuDhaGirl

Timeless craftsmanship...

Silver's rich history and versatility form the foundation of all our collections, offering timeless elegance and a hypoallergenic choice for daily wear. Dautzen's pieces bring grace, excellence, and a touch of Thai heritage to your wrist.

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