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How to Set Intentions with Amethyst

Woman holding purple jeweled purse wearing BuDhaGirl Amethyst All Weather Bangles, Amethyst Chamonix 5 Bracelet set, Aubergine Chamonix 5 bracelet set, Starburst Ring, Pink Camellia Ring,  Purple Amethyst Princess Ring, Peach Moonstone Maxi Orbit Ring, Starburst Ring, Labradorite Starburst Ring, Gold Canasta Ring, Golden Rutile Diva Ring | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl

Where would your life be without intention? We unconsciously set intentions every day. At BuDhaGirl, we firmly believe that intentions influence outcomes, a philosophy that's ingrained in all we do; it's the belief behind our infamous All Weather Bangles ®

This ritual requires the virtues of vision, belief, and willpower. Many underestimate the simple act of intention setting, but our BuDhaGirl tribe knows better. Your ritual is personal, so adding elements you love enriches your experience. I love including gems in my intention-setting rituals. A tried-and-true favorite of many is the forever royal Amethyst!

Amethyst is considered the most precious gemstone for its metaphysical properties; the gem has been called the "Eyes of God," bringing spiritual qualities and goodwill to all who possess it. Often associated with royalty, many British royal families owned collections of Amethyst jewelry. Queen Elizabeth II was often seen wearing pieces from the Kent Family's Amethyst suit, which dates to the early 19th century, and the Amethyst Parure was designated an "heirloom of the crown" by Queen Victoria and later spotted on The Dame of Fashion, Anna Wintour, of Vogue Magazine. 

Associated with the Crown Chakra, Amethyst creates a center of awareness like no other gemstone and is best for setting intentions of self-awareness, stability, creativity, temperance, and protection. Amethyst's beauty and charming allure are at the heart of BuDhaGirl's latest collection.

We invite you on a journey to set your intentions in 3 simple steps with BuDhaGirl's Amethyst collection. At the center of our collection is our new Amethyst All Weather Bangles®, six beautiful bangle bracelets in rich Amethyst to help guide your intention-setting ritual.

Woman in purple dress holding purple feather wearing BuDhaGirl Purple Amethyst All Weather Bangles | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl

 Intentions to Set for The Day

1. Start with simple intentions that are feasible. This can be a wish or a prayer. While holding your Amethyst bangle bracelets in your left hand, imagine the peaceful and protective energy of the Amethyst covering your crown chakra and guiding you. What do you want to establish through your intentions? How will this bloom today? At this moment, establish your truest belief in your intentions and focus on being present.

2. While holding your Amethyst AWB® bracelet set of 6, visualize your intentions for each bangle, affirming them with gratitude as you slide each onto your wrist. Throughout the day, continue to envision your intentions each time you glance at your AWB ® bracelet set. Let them be a gentle reminder that "As I think, I am."

Woman with hands crossed wearing BuDhaGirl Purple Amethyst All Weather Bangles, Purple Amethyst Devi Bangle Bracelets, Purple Amethyst Jeweled Dahlia Bracelet  | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl

Now for your evening ritual of gratitude and reflection, your time to shine. As you remove your Amethyst AWB® bangle bracelets at the end of the day, fill yourself with thoughts of gratitude, thanking the universe in advance for its guidance in accomplishing your goals.

 This is the intended progress as you reach your goals through the daily practice of intention setting, readjusting, and creating new intentions.

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