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Marine All Weather Bangles® (AWB®) - Serenity Prayer

Prezzo scontato$100.00
Marine All Weather Bangles® (AWB®) - Serenity Prayer | Bangle Bracelets for Women | BuDhaGirl
Marine All Weather Bangles® (AWB®) - Serenity Prayer Prezzo scontato$100.00

Customer Reviews

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Phyllis Johnson
Senior Bracelet Wearer

Loved bracelets since Jr High. Have tried most bracelet fades except leather (allergic) & Hipee beads & leather. My Uncle gave us kids Id bracelets every Christmas which I loved. Loved the silver spoon (yes know the background) bracelets from the sixties. Too young at the time. Very hard to find now and Very expensive. Didn’t do the Pandora charm bracelet thing either Too Many for my taste.

Guess I’m Minimalist. I collected Lokai, like the themes & colors. THEN ONE DAY I SEE BUDHAGIRL ON Neiman Marcus website. Hooked immediately they are costly but I saved just for the Rose Gold bracelets. They look fabulous on my brown skin. Ppl noticed my no noise, light weight, good quality, good looking bracelets.

Saved to get my sorority colors golden & marine. Light weight, easy on & off. Even when my arms swell a lil no problem getting them off bc I wear XL. I wipe off with dry white wash cloth and they shine bright. Sorority sisters are noticing them. Finally got the 3 color silver set.

Can wear them to dress up or down, wear daily too. Don’t get them wet, lil lotion on my arms not a problem that’s why wipe to bring the shine back.

Met a lady with an 18 month old that played with hers, she stopped him from biting it. Says she can still feel good about wear some jewelry while on mom duty.

Save get a set you will love them. And feel good about being in an exclusive club of Budhagirl wearers.


I bought this is a gift for my sister after she complemented mine 



sara freeman
Blue bracelets

Fun bracelets to spice up your outfit!


The bracelets are beautiful. The color is amazing. They are more beautiful in person. Highly recommend