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Dr. Lua Hancock, Sr. Consultant at Take Action Institute
Holocaust Memorial Resource & Education Center of Florida

July 1st, 2022

Dr. Lua Hancock, Sr. Consultant at Take Action Institute Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida
Why Lua
Micki Meyer, Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs for Engagement and Dean of Rollins Gateway, and Lua Hancock, Senior Consultant at Take Action Institute Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida

Micki Meyer: “I met Lua over a decade ago through some shared work that we do in higher education administration. I was immediately drawn to her positive energy and love of others.

What I've always been particularly interested in with her is that she has always centered humanity in her work. She's vocationally driven to inspire young people to find their calling through service to others.

When I think about BuDhaGirl, I see the inextricable connection of art, beauty, prayer, craft, and community. Lua is deeply grounded in these principles and values... that's why I wanted to pay homage to her."

Lua's Journey

About me...

I have been working with youth for my entire professional career. I love working with the youth because I feel like it’s such an important time for them to develop confidence and to choose their values instead of inheriting whatever they’re being told. They have so much power to decide how they want to interact with the world and to use their power to change their community.

With my work with youth at the Holocaust Center in Orlando, we work with students to teach lessons of the Holocaust and to reduce all forms of bias and bigotry. I think it’s important to give factual information and to also make an emotional connection so students understand why it relates to them or how it impacts them so they can do something about it.

Celebration of Race Amity with the Sanford Mayor and Bahai Community June 2022

What is Take Action Institute...

Take Action Institute believes that a more equitable and just society emerges when we support one another and join together in community. We, as students, activists, and community members, draw on experts, history, and past struggles for progress to advance change.

The Take Action Institute is a passion project that emerged in collaboration with change agents committed to ending prejudice and bigotry. We look to the Institute for resources to support our own missions. We collaborate and drive the content and tools the Take Action Institute offers.

We are the catalysts for change and we are using the power of the Take Action Institute to generate a broader coalition of youth to join our movement.

Take Action Student Leadership Camp June 2022

What motivated me to organize Take Action Institute...

I don’t think that students always have the opportunity to interact intergenerationally and in deep ways… giving them this opportunity is really beautiful.

I think that if people find one thing that they’re passionate about, learn the knowledgeable facts, get to know the people in that community, and then take some sort of measurable action… that’s what really can make a difference.

If I had a magic wand, I would...

Find a way to move towards equity.

My rituals...

I have a diligent spiritual practice. Every morning, I get up and I sit in the same chair and do my prayers, readings, and meditation. I then spend a few minutes learning something new and then grounding myself in my own purpose. I keep a gratitude journal and write in it everyday.

I also love hiking and spending time with my people. I think finding communities of care where we can plug in with our people that reenergize us is important.

Lua Hancock Meditating
Lua Hancock Hiking

How can members of the BuDhaGirl tribe help Take Action Institute?

Raise children to be engaged citizens in today's world and to try to be a part of the solution.

If you are located in Central Florida, you can learn more at

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