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Articolo: 4 idee per costumi di Halloween da PAUUUURA

Gold Jumpsuit, Gold flowing dress, Cleopatra wig with golden accents, Gold strappy heels, BudhaGirl Novena Bracelet, Plume AWB, BuDhaGirl Gold AWB bracelets, Valentina Wrap bracelet, Gold tasseled chain belt | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl
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4 idee per costumi di Halloween da PAUUUURA

Stai ancora cercando un'idea per il tuo costume di Halloween? È il tuo giorno fortunato! Abbiamo preso alcuni personaggi leggendari e aggiunto un po' del nostro glamour BuDhaGirl al loro abbigliamento tipico, per darti quell'ispirazione che neanche sapevi ti mancasse! Dopo tutto, noi di BuDhaGirl non perdiamo mai un'occasione per fare festa!

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BuDhaGirl Fawn All Weather Bangles, Krishna Bangles in Coral, Veda Bangles in Amethyst, Jade 3 Kings All Weather Bangles, Sari Tote, Chocolate 3 Kings All Weather Bangles, Frond All Weather Bangles, Champagne All Weather Bangles | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl

Guida ai regali per il Diwali 2022

Siamo pronti a festeggiare il Diwali? Noi di BuDhaGirl abbiamo selezionato uno per uno i nostri articoli preferiti, ispirati a questi giorni di festa. Esiste un modo migliore per trovare il regalo ...

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Jessica Jesse pictured with Jess Pacheco, Editor- in- Chief of Excelsior Newspaper | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl
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Hokol Vuh si veste di rosa...proprio come BuDhaGirl

Immagina una serata dove i 18 chef più bravi del mondo ti accompagnano in un viaggio di sapori attraverso lo Yucatan... Starai mica sognando?! E invece no! Non è un sogno; è Hokol Vuh!

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4 Fa-boo-lous Halloween Costume Ideas


Mustard colored flowing dress, Gold jumpsuit,  Gold strap up heels, Cleopatra wig with gold beaded embroidery, BuDhaGirl Plume All Weather Bangle bracelets, BuDhaGirl Novena Bracelet in Plume, BuDhaGirl Plume Valentina Wrap bracelet, BuDhaGirl Gold All Weather Bangles | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl

The time has arrived when we celebrate all things spooky and boo-tiful. Halloween is one of those fun-filled occasions, and a BuDhaGirl never passes up the opportunity to get festive and dress up! Are you still looking for a costume? You're in luck; we gathered some legendary characters and added BuDhaGirl glam to their typical outfits giving you the Halloween inspiration you never knew you needed.

Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile has ruled the Halloween scene for decades now, so it's only natural that she has landed on BuDhaGirl's 2022 costume list! 

Styling this costume is effortless; you may be able to pull items from your wardrobe to complete the look. Begin with a light-colored flowing dress or a cute jumpsuit as your foundation. We found a cute wig that captures Cleopatra's iconic hairstyle and headpiece. We gave Cleopatra's usual gladiator sandals a millennial upgrade with a strapy gold heel because style and comfort are paramount. 

Inspired by Cleopatra's love for gemstones and jewels, we upgraded her customary jewelry with pieces from our Plume Collection. She had a genuine affinity for signet rings, so we paired Cleo with our darling Starburst Ring and our adjustable Canasta Ring, both perfect cocktail rings for the evening. Lastly, we swapped her gold armbands with our beaded Valentina Wrap Bracelet, giving Cleopatra's wristscape a spook-tacular upgrade featuring BuDhaGirl's Plume Collection. Mindful of Cleo's love of gold, we used our All Weather Bangles® in Gold as our base color, adding our Plume AWB® bangle bracelets for women and finally our jeweled Novena Bracelet in Plume, reminiscent of the Nile's lush riverbanks adding the perfect touch of elegance to Cleo's stack. 

Workout Barbie

Rainbow leg warmers, pink headband, gold hand weights, pink exercise leotard, skates, BuDhaGirl 3 Kings Bangle bracelets in white and pink, Pink Bianca beaded bracelet, Pink Krishna Bracelets | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl

Halloween isn't the same without Barbie, a timeless costume favorite of many BuDhaGirls. This year we're channeling Workout Barbie as she nears her 30th anniversary. Complete this look with a full pink leotard with rainbow legwarmers and a pink headband, making this costume an easy go-to for any costume party. We replaced Barbie's classic pink wristbands with a more luxurious wristscape courtesy of BuDhaGirl with a color we know she loves, Pink! We start by adding our 3 Kings AWB® bangle bracelets in white, then layering in our Bianca beaded bracelets in Pink, then adding our Pink 3 Kings All Weather Bangles® finishing Barbie's stack with our enamel Pink Krishna enamel bangle bracelets for women.

*For an Instagram-able moment, we threw in a pair of roller skates, taking your costume over the top! Hand weights are optional, but just for fun, we found a lovely pair of gold hand weights to complete this look.  

Princess Mia Thermopolis

BuDhaGirl Navy Veda Bangle Bracelets, 3 Kings bangle bracelets in Navy, Bianca beaded bracelet in midnight, plaid skirt, blue oxford shirt, Dr. Marten shoes, and blue neck tie | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl

A frequent go-to for BuDhaGirls of all ages, you're sure to see a few Disney Princesses out and about this Halloween, but we're not talking about Cinderella or Snow White…. We're channeling the awkwardly charming teen Princess, Mia Thermopolis of Genovia. As the film 'Princess Diaries' celebrates its 21st anniversary, it ranks as one of the top costume searches of the season, and rightfully so, it's such a fun look to pull off. With so much fashion inspiration in the film, it was hard to choose one look, but we decided the most relatable was …. schoolgirl Mia! This is a fun and functional costume, and the pieces can be worn beyond Halloween.

We'll center this look around Mia's infamous plaid skirt. Next, add a light blue oxford to the mix finishing it with the blue blazer and dark blue necktie. This look is completed with dark blue knee-high socks and Mia's Dr. Marten shoes that she wears with everything! We can't deny Mia the princess treatment, so we added a bit of royalty to her wristscape. Mia wears blue so well that pairing her with our 3 Kings AWB® bracelets in Navy was a no-brainer. We accented Mia's wristcape with our Veda bangle bracelets in Navy and finished with our Bianca beaded bracelet in Midnight, creating the perfect stack for our American Princess.

                                                            Velma Dinkley

BuDhaGirl Gold Tzubbie, Minerva beaded bracelet, Galaxy bangle bracelet, black mary jane shoes, pageboy wig, rectangle black glasses, orange turtle neck, red skirt | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl

We're ending things with our favorite sleuth, Velma Dinkley of Scooby Doo stardom. The iconic Velma, known for her pageboy haircut and rectangle-shaped glasses, is the genius of the mystery crew and an emerging fashionista. Let's admit, with her red pleated skirt and burnt orange cowl neck, Velma invented the art of color blocking! The only thing missing from Velma's infamous outfit are BuDhaGirl bangle bracelets. We started by adding our Fa-boo-lous Red Onyx Minerva bracelet; next, we layered on our Galaxy Bangle bracelet in orange. We finished Velma's stack with a Gold Tzubbie All Weather Bangle®, complementing her fave sweater (yes, the orange cowl neck).  

Whomever you decide to dress up as this year, BuDhaGirl wishes you a safe and fang-tastic Halloween!

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