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Il tuo carrello è vuoto

I rituali del mattino

by Jessica Jesse

Why all the buzz about ritual nowadays? What does it mean? What does it do?

Examples of daily morning rituals that will bring focus, clarity and serenity into your day | BuDhaGirl

At BuDhaGirl, ritual is where everything begins, and everything ends. We feel that life without ritual is living a life devoid of all your senses. That's why each of our communications and each of our products always has it's own Mindful Glamour® Ritual.

The (your) morning ritual is extremely important. It is the tone of how YOU are going to live your day. Even though you cannot control the millions of interactions that you are exposed to daily, and some of those will not be pleasant, YOU can be in control of how you react, how you feel, and how you will proceed.

These are some examples of daily rituals that will bring focus, clarity and serenity into your day:

  • Begin the day with gratitude. are ALIVE. That is a miracle.
  • Do a quick, all-systems check. How do you FEEL?
  • Create your very own mantra and repeat it at least three times, something like:
    - May today be a day that I bring peace and have joy.
  • Make sure that you are very present when performing your morning activities:
  • Moving/exercise
    - Go out for a bike ride or do it at home with your Peloton.
    - Maximize your potential by joining Equinox or other similar fitness clubs.
    - Exercise Tai Chi, which helps in maintaining strength, flexibility, and balance.
  • Bathing
    - Soak in nature's revitalizing ingredients with Kerstin Florian bath and body products.
    - Start your Aromatherapy Journey
  • Eating

Be careful of social media and of what it is the first thing you see on your computer.
And of course, perform our powerful All Weather Bangles® ritual when you are dressing and before walking out of your home. To begin you will need AWB®, but really, any bangles will do.

Woman wearing BuDhaGirl All Weather Bangles and practicing her daily morning ritual | BuDhaGirl

Pause. Breathe.
Bring your mind to what you are about to do.
Slip on each bangle, one by one, do not hurry. Set an intention with each bangle, or make a wish, or send a prayer or energy.
Then...Go. Be it.

To learn more about Morning Rituals click here.

Jessica's Morning Rituals

You might be wondering what BuDhaGirl does for her morning ritual...I believe in discipline, consistency and focus, so my rituals are simple but absolutely contain these elements. I first tend to the spirit and mind, then I tend to my temple, my body.

When I first wake, I begin with a gratitude ritual. I say to myself:

OMG...I am alive. I am a miracle.
Then, I immediately call into my life health (my health), I call for my children to be safe and happy, I call for independence, I call for Bill's health & our marriage, and I call for financial security.

I then read: The Daily Stoic and meditate over the day's reading. I also pick-up The Dalai Lama's Cat...a little book full of knowledge imparted from a cat's perspective.

Buy The Daily Stoic from Ryan Holiday and Stephan Hanselman on | BuDhaGirl
Buy The Dalai Lama's Cat by David Michie from | BuDhaGirl

For the temple:
Cleansing with Claudiale's or Pai Skincare foaming face wash, and Kevin Murphy Cool Angel conditioner is a must...for all of you who like silver-grey hair. Skinceuticals Freulic serum, and never without Dior Show Mascara.

Claudiale's Pai Skincare Foaming Face Wash | BuDhaGirl
Claudiale's Pai Skincare Foaming Face Wash | BuDhaGirl
Kevin Murphy's Cool Angel Conditioner | BuDhaGirl
Skinceuticals Freulic Serum | BuDhaGirl
Dior Show Mascara | BuDhaGirl

Either Chamomile or Mint tea are my go-to's as the first thing my body receives as nourishment. I save the Vodka for later.

Refreshing Mint Tea | BuDhaGirl
Chamomile Tea | BuDhaGirl

If I am in the mood, and only if I am in the mood, I will go for a walk of perform 30-minutes of Tai Chi...

Then, I get dressed...always dress up. I add my Bulgari Watch and Bulgari rings...AND NOW, my AWB ritual. I pick out my AWB for the day, they anchor my stack. I nearly always add a Bianca or a set of Chamonix, a LUXE ring for a little extra specialness. I now pause, take a deep breath, and begin setting my intentions for the day. An intention for each bangle, and yes, even for each bracelet. All these beauties on my wrist will be reminders during my day of what I called for while embracing my ritual. Then...I go. Be it.

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