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Are You A Natural Nomad?

Natural Nomad | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl

There are two kinds of people in the world, those that are ready to go at the spur of the moment and those that are not. So, I ask the question: are you a natural nomad? Let’s find out.

Are you the kind of person that plans an expedition to Everest? You begin by finding the perfect time window and season. Then you conduct an investigation that would put the CIA to shame of places to stay, eat, see, experience, nightlife, wellness opportunities. Then you plan your wardrobe, something for each day and night, exercise gear if any, accessories and of course the dreaded toiletries. I use the term dreaded because some of us are not too eager to forgo using our swear-by products even for a day. You then book your travel, meticulously deciding where to stay, making reservations for all your meals, buying tickets for museums, events or concerts, and of course “destination” shopping.

Or are you the kind that when presented with a travel opportunity you don’t think twice about it. Out comes the roller bag, in goes your staples: All Weather Bangles first, jeans, leggings, sneakers, black pants, black tee, white tee, a few unmentionables, a cashmere wrap, a little black dress, black mules, BuDhaGirl Lola bag in coral for a pop of color...and great hoop earrings. Then a little bag of carry-on toiletries. "Okay, let’s book tickets" you say. And off you go to the adventure that awaits you. You’ll figure things out when you get there. Reservations, none, you’ll just let fortune decide where you’ll stay and where you’ll dine.

This latter example is that of a natural nomad. One that feels comfortable and at home anywhere. That’s also not to say that natural nomads do not have preferences. Some might be beach ready and some may be snow ready. Some nomads are nature buffs and some are city folks. What resonates with you? Are you a daytime maven or a nighttime owl. Once the destination is agreed on, these natural gentle nomads are ready to go. So I ask you, are you a natural nomad?

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