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A BuDhaGirl's Guide To Wedding Wellness

Danke Schoen | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl

BuDhaGirl is the destination for bespoke and mindful bridesmaid’s wedding gifts. Our BuDhaGirl wedding stylists have hand-curated a collection of wrist-scapes to help you tie together a theme and style that's all your own. Our wedding page has everything you need for mindful styling, capturing your feelings for the friends that have been alongside your life journey.

You don't just want to look amazing on your wedding day, you want to feel amazing too—mentally and emotionally. Below BuDhaGirl has provided expert tips on wedding wellness to help you and your partner, and wedding party, relax, de-stress, communicate and make your wedding day a serene and beautiful celebration.

Modern couples are choosing mindful getaways for their pre-wedding events and bachelorette parties. Days involve outdoor activities, like yoga on the beach or forest bathing. Evenings include a farm-to-table dinner with artfully chosen wine pairings.

An integral part of wedding wellness is being kind to yourself and setting intentions that are realistic and attainable. Every day, each tiny victory, you'll see yourself move ahead towards the outcome you desire. Rituals are developed with consistency and increased practice.

Journaling is a solid practice for mindfulness and recording your wedding journey is a great way to begin your journaling ritual that can last a lifetime. Gratitude journals are a wonderful way to keep you positive, remembering all you do have and not dwelling on lacking.

Breathe…prioritizing your mental and emotional health is vital for the true enjoyment of your wedding journey. Four seconds is all it takes to become mindful and aware of where you are. Breathing is an essential human function; it is an art and an intentional practice. Practicing being present and aware of how you feel both physically and emotionally will allow you to make lasting connections of your wedding event that you will always want to remember with joy.

Sleep Tips
           - Create a sleep ritual
           - Distractions
           - Gratitude

Hydrating Tips
           - Sip
           - Water to wine
           - Mocktails

Movement Tips
          - Posture
          - Walking
          - Stretching

Budgeting Tips
           - Don’t blow it

Wedding Tips 
           - Set a budget and stick to it
           - Make a priority list with your partner. Size? Venue? Theme?
           - Choose your wedding style or your theme
           - Get organized (WeddingHappy or AllSeated)
           - Involve your partner
           - Buy a wedding planner book
           - Create a master checklist
           - Guest list
           - Enjoy

Listening Tips
           - Be present
           - Listen to how you sound 

Considerations For Choosing a Bridal Party
         - Siblings first
         - Reliability
         - Group dynamics
         - Be considerate of personal situations
         - Include easy going, low maintenance, and fun friends

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