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The Lost Art of The Hand Written Letter 

BuDhaGirl Gold Bangle Bracelets, Notecard, markers, journal | BuDhaPaper by BuDhaGirl

It is said that the first ever hand written note was penned by Persian Queen Atossa. Some historians credit this revolutionary form of communication to Homer, author of the famous Illiad and The Odyssey, two of the most iconic poems of ancient Greece. The paper making process can be credited to Egypt and China. No matter your belief, we can all agree that handwritten letters have often impacted the way the receiver views the world.

It is one of the highest forms of intention setting and manifestation. All of the world’s greats have penned handwritten letters that have often ushered in change or discovery. From the iconic letters of Charles Darwin or one of Frida Kahlo’s infamous love letters, Letter writing was and is still a thing… 

Images of Perpetual Calendar, Block Note cards, Notepads, Gold Bangle Bracelets | BuDhaPaper by BuDhaGirl

Modern times and the advent of instant communication and electronic media have seemingly erased this sacred form of communication. Hand written letters have expressed love, joy, life, discovery, grief and triumph in intimate ways that our verbal words simply cannot express. It's endearing. It's purposeful. It's admired and missed. 

Image of paper, gold stapler, paper clips, markers, Gold Bangle Bracelets, Perpetual Calendar, BuDhaGirl Magnetic notepad, BuDhaGirl notecards, BuDhaGirl Pagoda Notecards | BuDhaPaper by BuDhaGirl

Our BuDhaPaper is restoring this lost art form, one beautifully hand written note at a time. Perfect for letters or even note taking with our Pagoda Block Notepads, lets be intentional. Who would love to receive a letter from you on our beautiful Pagoda notecards? Who’s heart would it melt? Who would be inspired? Write it down… Make it plain… Then… Go. Be It! 

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