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The Circle

The Circle | BuDhaBrief by BuDhaGirl

A circle is perhaps the oldest pattern recognized, accepted, and recreated by people, elevated by artists, and even acknowledged by tiny children. It is a symbol of eternity, of equality, of permanence and change. The face of the rising sun is round, the concentric circles in water when a pebble has been dropped form recurring circles, the patch of light born of a single flame or of a mighty bonfire sheds warmth and illumination in a circle. From huddles of playing children to the greatest gatherings of learned people, the shape they choose to make is a circle, where all can be heard, all can offer advice, all can equally participate in whatever is being discussed and planned.

The circle plainly represents a cycle that begins and ends at exactly the same place in space and time. It parallels life, it illustrates everything we know about the physical world, and it sheds light to our inner psyche that revolves around a beginning and an end. Nothing is unchanging, nothing is permanent, and yet nothing is totally ever erased. It cycles.

BuDhaGirl exists because of a circle. Physically through our AWB, we have built a global brand that brings joys to hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions. The shape of a bangle…a circle. This shape is highly feminine and deeply rooted in Mother Nature and in the Moon. A circle inspires us to complete each cycle fully, whether it be a twenty-four hour cycle, a monthly cycle, quarterly or yearly cycle; there is always a beginning and an end. How we live it is up to us.

Beyond being aware of the circular shape of our AWB, we encourage BuDhaGirls everywhere to set daily intentions and acknowledge that we begin each daily cycle to be of service to others and then end the cycle in evening with deep gratitude. A circle of service and gratitude. Is there anything more powerful?

Reflecting about cycles using the circle as a focus point or “bindi” in your life will bring clarity and understanding as to where you’ve come from, who you are, and who you want to become. This reflection or meditation will show you circles that have been completed and circles that are about to form. Closed circles & open circles

I leave you with this beautiful thought: “The nature of God is a circle of which the center is everywhere and the circumference is nowhere.” Empedocles

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