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Reflection: A Poem by Jessica Jesse

Reflection: A Poem by Jessica Jesse | BuDhaGirl

Here it goes…

I tried to find words about reflection
From those wise
Like Walt, Will, and Wilde

Reflection was not a beauty muse
It lived in sorrow, in past
Regret a lot
Forlorn and forgotten

Reflection evoked
Not joy
Not wonder
Not wisdom
So sad was I

Ta dah!

Seriously, poets morbidly conjure reflection as a thing of deep sadness, of longing and loss; a bit like the train has left the station. For me, it’s all the contrary. I find great joy in reflection, I find insights, I discover new things about myself and my world. I feel that I am the wiser, kinder, and gentler. I am also able to laugh at myself and reflect back at all the times I thought things were bad, that I couldn’t cope, that I didn’t know how I was going to pull through.

Through reflection I have found out that I am a fighter, not a quitter, I am strong, persistent, and even though I am vulnerable, I am also resilient. I have reflected on this crazy, marvelous, chaotic world and my place in it. And probably the most reflection has given me is the knowledge of living in the now.