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Geschenke für Freunde

by Jessica Jesse

We all have friends that we need to give something to, whether it be for their birthday, graduation, a pick-me-up, or simply to say...hey, I really like you in my life.

Giving All Weather Bangles to a friend | BuDhaGirl

And for all those occasions and more, the perfect gift for your BuDhaGirl bestie is a set of All Weather Bangles®.

AWB® have the power of shareability. Give a set, and that set will not only bring great joy to the recipient, but many times the bangles begin to travel from their wrist to another wrist...Why? Because your friend in-turn will want to share...share the daily Mindful Glamour® ritual of setting intentions and gratitude. See some of our top BuDhaGirls sharing their bangles.

I mean how great of a gift are AWB® that they are waterproof, weightless, soundless and TSA proof? They are great for your beach bunny friend, your yogini buddy, your music lover, and your world traveler. Great for your mom, grandmother and even any tiny BuDhaGirls in the making. And, and...they have a beautiful contemplative practice ritual. Just simply, life perfect.

Oh...and check out their amazing packaging, the exclusive BuDhaGirl silk box itself is something of beauty.

Silk Box for All Weather Bangles | BuDhaGirl Packaging