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Ten Year Anniversary

BuDhaGirl Celebrates Their Ten Year Anniversary | BuDhaGirl

All I can say is time has flown. It is hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that BuDhaGirl “officially” began 10 years ago today, February 7, 2013. BuDhaGirl's initial announcement to the world was at La Grenouille, in New York…I tend to think, “go big or go home.” It was the evening before fashion week.

Much has happened since then, and like any entrepreneur will admit there were some really tough times before any ray of success shined upon us. The key to survival is believing. Perseverance was fueled each and every morning by hope and determination, and in the evening, the thought of having figured-out things and building even ever so slightly upon the day was prize enough.

Today, things look very different because we have a strong identity that makes us unique in every way. The pillars which I put forth ten years ago and for which people rolled their eyes at me, such as mindfulness, joy, living in the moment, and the power of setting intentions, are no longer laughable. Perhaps the events in the world have made people stop and reflect that life is about living well each and every day.

The future is exciting; a new adventure is just around the corner, entering an arena of a more global nature. Opening up Europe and the UK is our goal in 2023, and having people everywhere experience BuDhaGirl. 

We are the original brand that brought AWB® to the world, keeping Thai craftsmanship alive and fostering new small businesses. 

The power of BuDhaGirl is not external. It does not rely on claims of blessings and charms; the power of BuDhaGirl is internal. It is about our free will, our courage, our ability to see ourselves for who we really are, and then realizing that we, and only we, have the power to change through the setting of intentions. Intentions affect outcomes. Simple.

And, BuDhaGirl was built by many, and I want to express my deepest gratitude to all of those who believed in the concept, brand…me. From our head of production in Thailand and his extraordinary team who originally thought I was crazy, to the countless artisans who labor to make our beautiful products, to the US team who is amazing and an absolutely joy and privilege to work with each day. I also deeply bow to the Chairman (Bill Jesse) for his sage advice and unwavering belief in me. My kids, who at times had to play second fiddle.

And to all of you, the incredible, aware, intelligent, kind, and beautiful BuDhaGirls who make this an unforgettable journey. I also thank God.

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