For Retailers


How do I become a BuDhaGirl retailer?

To be considered, please sign up for a new wholesale account on our website and our sales rep will contact you.

What is the opening order?

The opening order is $1000.

Is there zip code protection?

We only grant territorial exclusivity in extraordinary circumstances.

What are your best-sellers?

Gold, Silver, Rose Gold and Black All Weather Bangles are our best-sellers.


How do we place our next BuDhaGirl order?

All wholesale orders must be placed on NuOrder.

What is the reorder minimum?

The reorder minimum is $500.

When will our next order ship?

We fulfill orders in the sequence in which we receive them. If the product is in stock, we typically ship them the next day. Once the item is in stock, we will call you to get a credit card number before shipping. Once your card is processed, your order will ship.

What are the shipping methods and costs?

We ship all wholesale orders FedEx ground. The cost of shipping is dependent on the weight of your package and your location. BuDhaGirl is based out of Dallas, TX. Transit times are dependent on your location. Please call if you would like expedited shipping.

What is a backorder?

A backorder is a portion of a shipment that cannot be completed within 5 days of receiving your order.

When will I receive my backorder?

Backordered items will be shipped to you as soon as they become available. Once they are in stock, we will call you for credit card information, then ship your order to you. Ground shipping is free for all backorders.

What if I have a problem with the product?

If you have any issues with the product, contact us at 214-599-9297. We stand behind our product 100% and would be happy to help you with a return or exchange if necessary.

How are All Weather Bangles made?

All Weather Bangles are handcrafted in Thailand using flexible, medical grade tubing and gold or silver leaf. They are completely non-toxic and free of mechanical hazards.

How do most people display the bangles?

Most of our retailers display All Weather Bangles in a shallow bowl close to the register.

How can I get more eyes on my BuDhaGirl product?

On Instagram, tag your photos with @BuDhaGirl #BuDhaGirl and #AllWeatherBangles. Select photos and Instagram stories that reflect the BuDhaGirl aesthetic and messaging will be reposted.

Can online-only retailers sell BuDhaGirl products?

No. Retailers must have a physical store in order to be qualified to sell BuDhaGirl products. Furthermore, online selling of any kind must be approved in writing in advance by BuDhaGirl.

Can sets of All Weather Bangles be divided?

No. All Weather Bangles must be sold at the number of bangles and pricing as shown on below.

Can I sell BuDhaGirl products through a third-party vendor?

No. Third party selling of BuDhaGirl products is not permitted.


Gold All Weather Bangles (set of 9): $120 retail
Silver All Weather Bangles (set of 9): $120 retail
Rose Gold All Weather Bangles (set of 9): $135 retail
Black All Weather Bangles (set of 3): $95 retail

All Weather Bangles must be sold, both in stores and online, at the number of bangles per set above. Price must be no lower than that above*. Dividing sets and selling below listed price above is strictly prohibited. Stores that violate our wholesale policies will be terminated after a written warning.

*Only exception to our pricing policy is in the case of store-wide or site-wide discounts.

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