The Story

Jessica Jesse launched BuDhaGirl in 2013 and as any new start-up it has had its challenges. Those challenges have been the journey to what now defines BuDhaGirl:

BuDhaGirl is a journey; it is the first lifestyle brand whose purpose is to affect cultural change by turning routines into rituals. Through Mindful Glamour™, BuDhaGirl combines contemplative practice and evidence-based science with fashion.

BuDhaGirl approaches fashion with a holistic world-view, the life cycle of our products honor global traditions and art forms. The customer experience is our most valuable asset because we invite each individual to set intentions and create rituals around the process of grooming and dressing each day.

BuDhaGirl becomes part of you; it lingers and becomes an “I can’t believe I didn’t do this before” part of everyday life.

Our Team

Jessica Jesse, Founder CEO & Creative Director

Chuck Roundtree, GM

Caryn Grimaud, Sales Guru

Cathy Timberlake, Accounting Guru

Bill Jesse, Chairman

Client Care

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