• BuDhaGirl Montage LA

    At BuDhaGirl it is not what you look like, it is who you really are. This is the essence of our LA video, showing you that BuDhaGirls are different, but what makes us similarly unique is that we are: intelligent, curious, aware and compassionate….and of course Mindfully Glamorous.

  • BuDhaGirl Today

    BuDhaGirl is the first fashion company that uses daily rituals to bring mindfulness into people's everyday lives. We do this through a series of visual intentions and Reminders™. We work with our scientific board comprised of neuroscientists, psychologists, and mindfulness coaches to bring optimum product interaction.

    Through daily mindful glamour, BuDhaGirl allows people to create their own ritual, by adding intention to the acts they already perform. Choosing a Reminder™ in the morning or pausing to put on the All Weather™ Bangles, allows people to stop and think about what they really want to celebrate and accomplish that day. We provide the physical tools people need to remind them of the importance of being present and mindful throughout their day.

    Pause. Be Aware. Be it.

    It's Simple.

    It's BuDhaGirl

  • The Science

    BuDhaGirl Science is the new paradigm where we explore new questions and interpret these answers in a relevant and meaningful manner with the help of our scientists using beautifully crafted objects for daily life.

  • BuDhaGirl Holiday 2013

    We wish you a very merry BuDhaGirl Holiday season! Share some mindful glamour with your friends and family with one of our limited edition gifts!

  • BuDhaBuzz

    BuDhaGirl Buzz is-- simply put, what’s happening at BuDhaGirl. The more Buzz the better!
    Watch the video to meet some of our BuDhaGirls and join the conversation!

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