• BDG Reminders<sup>®</sup>: Victory
    The laurel was once considered a cure-all plant. In antiquity, laurel wreaths were awarded to victorious athletes, triumphant military leaders, exceptional poets, and doctors. Today we refer to the completeing of a university bachelor's degree as Baccalaureate tying it back to anc..
  • BDG Reminders<sup>®</sup>: Wealth
    One of the five Dhyani Buddhas, this one transforms a "poverty mentality" into a "wealth mentality". Quieting our mind through a contemplative act, even for a moment, is enough to allow the brain to a) neurologically "note" it, b) make sense of it, c) successfully retri..
  • BDG Reminders<sup>®</sup>: Love
    A universal symbol for love, the heart has an extraordinary relationship with our brain. Which controls which? Would we want one without the other? How many battles have we won and lost within ourselves between reason and feeling? And yet, does a heart really feel or does the brain?    ..
  • BDG Reminders<sup>®</sup>: Beauty
    The rose’s simple elegance is sometimes easily overlooked. The many layers of petals are symbols of the many layers in our own lives. The rose is a central, sacred symbol in many meditative practices. Carry this ancient symbol of beauty with you, as a reminder to rest your mind and discover th..
  • BDG Reminders<sup>®</sup>: Communion
    Across many cultures and generations, spiritual traditions have always contained an element of communion, forging connections with one another, and with the intangible spirit surrounding us. This image of togetherness in grace is a reminder to show gratitude throughout your day, strengthening old bo..
  • BDG Reminders<sup>®</sup>: Transition
    Doors are the thresholds between dark and light. They can be closed or open, and represent the transition in our life from one stage to the next. An open door lets in the light, becoming a portal to the vastness and beauty of the world. An open heart allows for wisdom to flow through and teach us th..
  • BDG Reminders<sup>®</sup>: Process
    This tunnel-like image invites you to focus not what's at the end, but the journey it takes to get there. The calming blue and white of the hallway leads you to a bright red door celebrating the path we all must take and encourages us to always hope. At the end of a long path, we can set aside o..
  • BDG Reminders<sup>®</sup>: Change
    Dragonflies represent metamorphosis and adaptability. Their translucent and beautifully iridescent wings they show a lightness of being. Dragonflies are also powerful and act as a reminder of the strength and courage we must exhibit to meet any situation. In Japan, dragonflies represent happiness an..
  • BDG Reminders<sup>®</sup>: Bindi
    From Vedic times, the Bindi was created as a means to worship one's intellect. Bindis may be used by both men and women. The worship of intellect was used in order to ensure that our thoughts, speech, actions, habits and ultimately our character became pure. Reminder measures 1.5"h x .87..
  • BDG Reminders<sup>®</sup>: Lapis Lazuli Buddha
    The Medicine Buddha is one of the most prevalent icons in Chinese and Hindu contemplative practices. Precisely because at one time or another we are all in need of healing, turning to the soothing powers and focusing on the lapis ( the color of healing), helps us achieve inner strength and understan..
  • BDG Reminders<sup>®</sup>: The Sacred Heart
    The Sacred Heart is often depicted in art as a flaming heart shining with divine light. The Sacred Heart is one of the most widely practiced and well-known prayers taking Jesus’ physical heart as the representation of his divine love for humanity. The devotion or prayer was an individual, priv..
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