Dot BDG Reminders™ Frame Gold

Our Dot Reminder frame is a classic. Beautifully crafted in 18kt gold-dipped brass, this small frame allows you to slip in your intention for the day and share it with the world. The delicate frame is the perfect vehicle to turn your daily routine of getting dressed into a ritual that centers the mind. Stop, think of your intention for the day, and choose your BuDhaGirl Reminder to reinforce that intention. Throughout the day whenever you feel, see or touch the beautiful frame, you will know that your intention is being recognized and reinforced by your brain. This is the glamorous approach to mindfulness.

Mindful Glamour Ritual: Pause...Decide that today you will exercise your compassion muscle not your judgment muscle... Go, Be it.

Thought: A solid line is really just a collection of tiny dots joined together.


Dot BDG Reminders™ Frame Gold

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