• Dragonfly Pin
    Anisoptera - The Dragonfly is a symbol of change and self-realization. Its aero-dynamic body ha..
  • Black Widow Pin
    Lactrodectus - the Black Widow, is a creature of lore and insatiable appetite. In the realm of livin..
  • Scarab Beetle Pin
    Heliocopris Colusus - the Giant Scarab Beetle has been with us as a fashion piece since ancient time..
  • Rhino Beetle Pin
    Dynastea -  the Rhinoceros Beetle, is a solid little beast representing readiness and protectio..
  • Little Silver Beetle Pin
    Silpha Inaequalis - this Little Beetle, as its latin name projects, "is a spirit inhabiting the air...
  • Wasp Pin
    Vespula Vulgaris - the Wasp, in ancient symbolism, is a reminder of order, productivity and communic..
  • Asian Beetle Pin
    Anoplophora Glabripennis - the Asian Long-Horn Beetle is a symbol of rejuvenation. Its' extraordinar..
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