Jessica's Message

BuDhaGirl has been an amazing journey so far. I say so far because I believe this is just the beginning.

After two years on this journey I have learned valuable lessons, probably the most valuable is that you might not always get what you want, but you get what the universe intends for you to have or not to have.

I am very thankful to those who have taken me under their wing and validated BuDhaGirl. Among them are scientists and highly respected practitioners of the contemplative arts.

Surprisingly in our journey, we have encountered some who preach acceptance and who turn out to be the least accepting. The mere notion that mindfulness and glamour can be combined is so foreign and simply too unpalatable to fit in their world. If you do not do what they do, look like they do…then you are not welcome to their world of mindfulness; you cannot play in their sandbox.

On the other end of the spectrum there are those who do not believe that even small moments of calm and contemplation are important to daily life. They are unable to grasp the importance of being present in everything we do, that there is indeed an art to living well. An art to contentment.

So this is my quandary. Walking the imaginary line between two worlds.

I often ask myself why I want to do this? It is hard work. It is a steep learning curve both technologically (since we are primarily an e-commerce business), and emotionally because I am constantly being challenged. However it only takes one person to let you know that your work is resonating with them, the one who says: I get it, I love it, it is simple, I want to be a BuDhaGirl too…then I know it is worthwhile.

BuDhaGirl is mindful glamour, turning your routines into rituals.

Our Story

BuDhaGirl is MIndful Glamour, turning routines into riutals. It is a story of awareness and new beginnings – a vehicle made-up of beautiful objects and jewelry for bringing the mind back into balance and focus. 

Through millennia, in the East, wise teachers have strived to teach a simple principle known as meditation. Emptying the mind for a few moments in order to quiet the brain. Modern day science confirms the invaluable power of a well-tuned brain, not only for enhancing present performance but also by maintaining this mark as we age.

Intentions influence outcomes.

BuDhaGirl is deeply rooted in the present while being elevated, informed and inspired by the past. Our products straddle the line between ornament and spiritual touchstones; they are enhancements for both body and soul. BuDhaGirl’s core foundation begins with fascinating objects and glamorous jewelry created to inspire awareness, knowledge and create brain health through purposeful interaction. We aim to re-introduce that wisdom to our lives in a simple yet powerful fashion. Our attitude and aesthetic is a unique combination of iconic and witty, traditional and edgy…and definitely, always chic.

Our Mission

BuDhaGirl is a fashion-centric company that brings awareness and refinement to its clients by providing them with purposeful and mindful choices through its products and services.

Our goals simply stated are:

  • To make each and every day better through focused intentions
  • To improve brain health through the scientifically documented power of contemplative practice,
  • To do this with fashion, style, and wit.

We believe in glamour. We believe in purpose. We believe chic matters. We believe in science. We believe in beauty. We believe that intentions define outcomes. We believe your focused intentions make today a better day. We believe that contemplative practices lead to brain health. We believe in humor. We believe in change.

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