• BDG Pandora Belt
    BDG Pandora belts will be the  “I can’t believe I never had one before” accessory. Originally designed for workout and sporting activities, it has morphed into hands-free convenience when running errands, and superb for traveling. BDG Pandora belts are Lycra hip belts that ..
  • Jewelry Travel Case
    A place for everything and everything in its place...Our BuDhaGirl jewelry travel case is the perfect must have for the nomads in our tribe. Glossy patent is embossed with our CHOP logo and trimmed with a zippered tassel. Inside you find mindfully laid out compartments for rings, earrings, necklaces..
  • Turquoise Drop Necklace
    BuDhaGirl loves turquoise for Spring so we now bring back the best selling "Blicotti" necklace with a fabulous turquoise twist. The chain features a combination of light blue and toast beads that are hand knotted to then receive the chic turquoise drop bead rimmed with Hematite crystals. T..
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