• Alessandra Necklace
    BuDhaGirl was inspired by Tsarina Alessandra wearing beads the color of a Russian white winter. Our Alessandra tassel necklace is a long strand of crystal beads in the most amazing translucent ivory color that is finished with Jessica’s favorite raw wool tassel from Nova Scotia. Wear with a si..
  • GiGi Tassel Necklace
    The Gigi Tassel necklace pays tribute to the growing-up film of the same name: Gigi. Director Vincente Minnelli brought the delightful story to life by using amazing colorations, whilst always grounding in black and white for maximum effect. Our Gigi Tassel necklace does just that to any outfit. Ext..
  • Mitzi Wristlette
    Simple and simply delightful. Our BuDhaGirl Mitzi wristlette is made up of  10 bands of Jet Black elastic cup chain, then finished with a tiny hand made cotton tassel.  Wear your Mitzi wristlette alone, or combined with All Weather Bangles in gold, silver or black. Hand finished in the ..
  • Nicola Necklace
    BuDhaGirl’s Nicola tassel necklace is the yang to the ying of our Alessandra tassel necklace. Inspired by the famous love between Tsar Nicholas and Tsarina Alexandra. Our Nicola necklace is a long strand of smoke colored crystals that is finished with our hand-dyed silk tassel from Earth Works..
  • Oltrarno Bib Necklace
    Oltrarno refers to a Florentine neighborhood on “the other side of the Arno”, the river bisecting Florence. It is now a hot spot of activity, and the  “it” place; you can say it is the Left Bank of Florence. Our Oltrarno bib is a true chameleon because it changes depend..
  • Cameo Pendant Necklace
    Cameos are amongst the most classic embellishments in the realm of jewelry. BuDhaGirl presents Cameos “a la moderne”, in either antique blue or classic black. These Cameo pendant necklaces feature a hand-wrapped silk cone pendant with cognac and smoke collared crystals that encircle the ..
  • Fiori Bib Necklace
    Simply delightful and extraordinarily chic, our Fiori leather bib finishes any neckline with Florentine flare. Hand cut leather petals form camellias, primroses and daisies that are then held together with Swarovski crystals. Our Fiori bib easily snaps on and off and is made of 100% natural “..
  • Medallion Pendant Necklace
    Catherine de Medici would have swooned (or maybe done a little bit more) for our beautiful Medallion pendant necklace. In either violet or black the necklace is a fabulous composition of many different textures and colors. Starting with a beaded back the necklace transitions to a silk cord, which th..
  • Pitti Bib Necklace
    The richness  of the Renaissance is captured in our Pitti bib necklace made exclusively for BuDhaGirl by Karina Marcela Atelier. Inspired by the rich hues and textures found in the amazing works of art in the Medici’s Pitti palace in Florence, Karina combined crystals, cording and fringe ..
  • SMN Bib Necklace
    Santa Maria Novella in Florence, is one of Jessica’s favorite places, not only because of the amazing church and cloister, but because of the divine pharmacy with all natural products. Our SMN bib necklace is named for this magnificent structure. Our SMN bib ..
  • Today I
    TODAY I is the essential Mindful Glamour® ritual that begins your day with a guiding thought that lingers throughout the day. Dissolvable paper makes TODAY I unique and allows you to perform your ritual next to running water. The kitchen sink, or your bathroom vanity are perfect places for TODA..
  • BDG Headband
    We know they are simple…but sometimes the simplest of things are the things we simply cannot do without. BDG headbands, we hope become your go to when working out, when quickly pulling your hair back and looking great, and when you put your make-up on and take it off. Stretchy Lycra confor..
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