Pendant Necklaces

  • Ambrosia Crystal Necklace
    BuDhaGirl’s Ambrosia (amber) crystal necklace represents the liquid nectar described in both Greek and Hindu texts, describing Ambrosia as the nectar of the gods. Our Smoke (smokey) crystal necklace represents the remains of a fire that has now ceased to burn but lingers ephemerally in the air..
  • Cameo Pendant Necklace
    Cameos are amongst the most classic embellishments in the realm of jewelry. BuDhaGirl presents Cameos “a la moderne”, in either antique blue or classic black. These Cameo pendant necklaces feature a hand-wrapped silk cone pendant with cognac and smoke collared crystals that encircle the ..
  • Medallion Pendant Necklace
    Catherine de Medici would have swooned (or maybe done a little bit more) for our beautiful Medallion pendant necklace. In either violet or black the necklace is a fabulous composition of many different textures and colors. Starting with a beaded back the necklace transitions to a silk cord, which th..
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