BuDhaBead Bib Necklace

Burmese quartzite beads are hand-knotted and then transformed into a modern bib necklace with the use of neoprene elastic. By juxtaposing textures and design elements, our BuDhaBead Bib creates a dramatic statement collar for any dress. Whether it is on simple black or printed chiffon, the BuDhaBead Bib stands out. Our BuDhaBead Bib is flanked by two beautiful tassels that add movement…so very, very vintage St. Laurent.

Available in deep caramel or alabaster white, both are contrasted in black neoprene elastic and tassels.

A bib necklace is a type of large, dramatic necklace, circular or triangular in shape, consisting of a web-like mesh of metal, a base encrusted with stones, or multiple strands of stones which often dangle at regular or uneven lengths for a fringe-like or cascading effect. The bib necklace or collar is an extremely old style - variations have been found in 7th-century Greek and Roman jewelry - it has been revived periodically throughout history to accompany low cut evening gowns; modern terminology classifies this as a type of "statement" necklace.

Mindful Glamour Ritual: Pause…Breathe. Take a moment to admire the lengths that makeup your bib necklace. Think about how you must give more of yourself at times than others. Accept this fact with joy. Then…Go, Be it.

Thought:  Life is composed of moments that require us to give more than what we receive. Do not spend time trying to even the balance.


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BuDhaBead Bib Necklace

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