• Always Lariat
    BuDhaGirls love lariat necklaces because they are so versatile and of course, super chic. This fall pair it with flannel and taffeta... Handcrafted in India, each Always Lariat is a work of art, every segment of brass beads and nylon string is a statement of patience and fine workmanship. Perfect..
  • Ambrosia Crystal Necklace
    BuDhaGirl’s Ambrosia (amber) crystal necklace represents the liquid nectar described in both Greek and Hindu texts, describing Ambrosia as the nectar of the gods. Our Smoke (smokey) crystal necklace represents the remains of a fire that has now ceased to burn but lingers ephemerally in the air..
  • Bay Buddha Necklace
    We spanned the far reaches of the globe to create our Bay Buddha necklace, even ending up in the chimeric regions of Oaxaca, Mexico. From Burma we gathered caramel and ochre Quartzite; Austria added gold Swarovski crystal; Oaxaca gave us Black Clay beads ( ); a hand polishe..
  • Blicotti Turquoise Drop Necklace
    BuDhaGirl loves turquoise for Spring so we now bring back the best selling "Blicotti" necklace with a fabulous turquoise twist. The chain features a combination of light blue and toast beads that are hand knotted to then receive the chic turquoise drop bead rimmed with Hematite crystals. T..
  • BuDhaBead Bib Necklace
    Burmese quartzite beads are hand-knotted and then transformed into a modern bib necklace with the use of neoprene elastic. By juxtaposing textures and design elements, our BuDhaBead Bib creates a dramatic statement collar for any dress. Whether it is on simple black or printed chiffon, the BuDhaBead..
  • Cameo Pendant Necklace
    Cameos are amongst the most classic embellishments in the realm of jewelry. BuDhaGirl presents Cameos “a la moderne”, in either antique blue or classic black. These Cameo pendant necklaces feature a hand-wrapped silk cone pendant with cognac and smoke collared crystals that encircle the ..
  • Cinnabar Tassel Necklace
    Exotic shades of burnt reds paired with gold make our Cinnabar Tassel Necklace a must for a hint of classic orientalism in your wardrobe. BuDhaGirl has paired carved cinnabar lotus resin beads with Swarovski gold rhombus crystals; then we added ochre Quartzite from Burma, two gold-dipped brass Bu..
  • Dena Chain Necklace
    The Dena chain necklace is destined to become the must have classic chain necklace for BuDhaGirl. Let us tell you what all the Dena chain can do: Worn long (38”) with both the silver and gold chains it is a statement of classic refinement. Next, you can open the toggle clasp and double your De..
  • Fiori Bib Necklace
    Simply delightful and extraordinarily chic, our Fiori leather bib finishes any neckline with Florentine flare. Hand cut leather petals form camellias, primroses and daisies that are then held together with Swarovski crystals. Our Fiori bib easily snaps on and off and is made of 100% natural &ldqu..
  • GiGi Tassel Necklace
    The Gigi Tassel necklace pays tribute to the growing-up film of the same name: Gigi. Director Vincente Minnelli brought the delightful story to life by using amazing colorations, whilst always grounding in black and white for maximum effect. Our Gigi Tassel necklace does just that to any outfit. Ext..
  • Jade Buddha Necklace
    We spanned the far reaches of the globe to create our Jade Buddha necklace, even ending up in the chimeric regions of Oaxaca, Mexico. From Burma we gathered Green Quartzite; from Ethiopia, Nile blue glass rhombus beads; Czechoslovakia provided azure crystal beads; Austria added gold Swarovski cry..
  • Lava Cross Necklace
    Truly here size does not matter. BuDhaGirl’s exquisite miniature black resin cross is so beautifully modern. This classic Latin cross is a diminutive representation of love, forgiveness, strength and faith. Hanging from a black matte pixie-like chain, our Lava Cross necklace is finished with a..
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