Candle of Inspiration

The Isle of Wight is home to the most luxurious all-natural soy candles and they are the beginning to BuDhaGirl's aromatherapy ritual.  Our Fresh Fig candle is great for those days when you need some inspiration. In aromatherapy, fig oil is used to calm the mind, letting it perform deeper thinking patterns. Its lovely fresh scent is soothing and welcoming.  

Candle measures 3" x 3"

Candles are incredible ritual starters. Simply lighting a candle can focus you on the process and make it be more than just striking a match. Take a deep breath and allow the scent to fill your lungs, clearing your mind for a moment, and then actually lighting the candle with an intention in mind. The lingering scent will be a gentle reminder of your intention.

Mindful Glaour Ritual:  Pause...Light your Fresh Fig candle and take a moment to completely clear your mind, then allow your thoughts to drift in and out without judgment...Go, Be it.

Thought:  Inspiration seems to come to us when we are most in the old expression: "When I was in the shower, I thought of..." 


Candle of Inspiration

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