Always Lariat

BuDhaGirls love lariat necklaces because they are so versatile and of course, super chic. This fall pair it with flannel and taffeta...

Handcrafted in India, each Always Lariat is a work of art, every segment of brass beads and nylon string is a statement of patience and fine workmanship. Perfectly long so you can wrap twice, or maybe even three times around your neck for a choker look; wear it long just tied at the tassel for a hip '70s style; you could also let it hang free by simply placing it around your neck. 

From day into evening it is your go to accessory...always. 

Available in Dove (grey), Saffron (orange) or Poppy (pink).

Lariats are 58" long


Mindful Glamour Ritual: Pause. Be aware as you wrap your lariat that each turn, each knot, holds together a moment that is important today. Go, Be it.

Thought: How we spend our days is how we spend our lives. Like our lariat, our lives are comprised of many segments. Each important in its own way in order to make the whole.



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Always Lariat

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