Octagon Earrings

BuDhaGirls rejoice...yes, we finally added earrings to our collection! Our Octagon earring is weightless, soundless and of course super chic. The Octagonal Earring is available in gold and silver. Each metal has its own properties and characteristics. Gold is known to signify perfection, wealth and endless prosperity. Silver, on the other hand, connotes intuition, self-reflection and inner wisdom. When you select your metal, choose wisely. Earrings have a long, colorful history. Everyone from the ancient Egyptians to notable Roman women wore earrings to signify their elite social class. Even the oldest mummified body ever discovered was wearing studs as protective talismans in the afterlife.

The Octagonal Earrings are simple, delicate and classic. As you might have guessed, the octagon shape is deeply symbolic. This eight-sided shape symbolizes regeneration, transition and rebirth - a direct reflection of spring.

The number eight is symbolic of renewal. In Buddhism, the concept of the eight-fold path (right view, thought, word, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness and concentration) associates the number eight with a sense of balance, harmony and cosmic order.


Mindful Glamour Ritual: Pause...Breathe. Hold your octagon earrings and place an intention as you put each earring on. Think of balance & harmony. Then...Go, Be it.

Thought:  "What the eyes see and the ears hear, the mind believes." Harry Houdini


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Octagon Earrings

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